Bird Dreams

New Watercolor pattern. Not really very successful, but I tested some alternative way of making pattern in Photoshop and it works. I just need to work on how to balance elements better to achieve more natural look. Did not have much time either and if I want to make a pattern a day, I need to accept imperfections.

It was a busy Saturday. Went to the market to buy food and then had a short walk and after worked in the garden. The weather was finally acceptable, meaning not cold and not windy. Now, let’s cook some dinner.


I dream of you

New watercolor pattern I made today. It took several hours to clean the photo and make all parts and decide on composition. I have something completely different in mind when I started, but this is what came out and I am really happy with it. Uploading it to Spoonflower and I a few more patterns and I am ordering tests swatches and then definitely making a table cloth out of this one 🙂

Otherwise enjoying my Friday holiday, went for a bit of walk, put the foil on fence, which was quite a bit of work. Now off to cook some dinner and then rest…



So this is the pattern I mentioned yesterday. Simple but took a lot of time because I made a mistake when cropping the repeat image. Lesson learned, I hope.

It’s another rainy freezing day. I have a lot of meetings and work and a lot of private things to do, so maybe it’s a perfect day for that.


Blue Frenchie Pattern-04

Variation on previous Frenchie pattern. The voting closes today on Spoonflower. I am happy because I received several likes and one follower, which is a big step forward from zero and being completely invisible. I hope I will get some votes too 🙂 Last night I posted the Glowing Sea pattern to this week’s challenge.

Today was a freezing winter day on 12 May. Another gardener came to check our garden and if everything goes well, he can start the works in August. Yeah… seems very far away, but it’s not really. Time runs away so fast.

I worked on another watercolor pattern today, but made a mistake in design and spent a lot of time to correct it… Ah well… I will post it tomorrow, need to double-check it’s really working 🙂



I finally succeeded with watercolor patterns! First one is called Bluegreen Flowers and the second one Glowing Sea. Not very inventive with naming my artwork, but as I have to name the files to save them, it helps come up with a name. I think I will enter the Glowing Sea into this weeks Spoonflower challenge. I thought I would skip this one, but as I already made this with the challenge in mind, I may as well post it. The challenge name is bioluminescence and the point is to create high contrast and illusion of glow. I like these challenges, they push me to create something I would not consider creating otherwise.