These are prints with embossing folders. One of my favorite techniques probably because prints are very clear and detailed, also easy to make, because folders are big and I need to press only 4-5 times and done. Today I went to dentist and of course visited an art store and bought two plates for embossing Fimo clay. I think they might work well too. We will see…


This was an interesting technique: you place paper on top of stamp, rub wax on paper, lift paint from gelli plate with waxy side down, make another print. You get two images – one original waxy (you rub paint off with wet wipe) and one with color that stayed on plate after you lifted the first one. So many possibilities with stamps 😀. Housewise: we built a shed behind the house and it’s looking awesome. Good day.


I think I missed more than a week here. Last week I didn’t make any art. Spent the week going to acupuncture with Mother and two days had builders who are finally finishing works around house we started last year. For the weekend we went to Slovenia and spent a great day and a half. On Sunday we had ice cream and cake for breakfast and pizza for dinner. The weather was gorgeous. This is a print I made yesterday.


Some prints from yesterday because today I didn’t have time. I went to the embassy to get my new passport, but computer didn’t like the photo I brought, so I have to go again tomorrow. What a waste of time! As technology gets more advanced our lives get more complicated. Thankfully the meeting planned for tomorrow got canceled so I can go repeat the process of passport application. Anyway, about the prints: it’s water based markers and ink pads on gelli plate. Pretty cool!