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Oops… Missed a day! Life is getting busy as we are getting out of the covid mess, so I am having less and less time. I will probably need to slow down a bit, especially because we are planning to travel next week, so I will not be able to make patterns, but I will do the cards. At least this is what I plan. Who knows what will tomorrow bring.

Anyway… it does not make sense to think about tomorrow, so here are the two patterns and two index cards with drawings. The first one I made very quickly yesterday after meeting my new group of surface pattern tribe ladies. The second one took a lot of time today because of the black outlines I decided to draw because it somehow lacked the contrast. And then it took a long time to redraw the missing leaves in photoshop… I am rather pleased with the outcome though.


Pods DarkPods LightPods NeutralIMG_3639

Card number 5. Made three different backgrounds. I like the dark one the best 🙂 Very ugly day, lots of rain. Went to the post office, my notebooks from Society 6 finally arrived and they are very good, I am quite happy. Then had a short walk in the rain with Lola and Mother. Then drove to the vet to take the homeopathic remedies for Lola, she needs to receive a vaccine next week and I want to minimize the side effects. Visited the butcher on the way back to get some lamb for Lola. I am trying lamb now to see if there will be any allergy… Seems that we will finally try to go to Slovenia next week. We used to take those travels for granted… What a joke!


Today’s card and pattern. 4/61. Today was very busy. Gardener came in the morning to discuss the details and then I had to go change tyres on the car which took hours. Then did some shopping as I was already outside and masked 😊 Then I got stomachache and that’s pretty much it. Going to watch a movie now…


Blue Leaves 30Blue Leaves 70IMG_3625

Card Number 3. I have to say I was a bit sceptical about this one when I drew it. It just didn’t look promising as a pattern. But I was wrong – I really like it. Made two sizes and I like the smaller one better. Yesterday grownupping went well – made three phone calls and lived to tell the story 😉 Busy rest of week ahead, but not too much stress expected, just too much time wasting in driving around…


Card 2/61 and pattern based on it. I also included the card from yesterday because I did not post it 🙂 Creating these makes me happy. I hope it will keep for next 59 days 🙂 Today is a working day again and I have a whole long list of things to do. As life is getting back to normal, so my anxiety grows. I am trying to keep it under control, so I better get those phone calls over and done with, so I can tick off my grownupping for today and get my zen back.



Today’s pattern is based on ICAD card I made. I decided to participate in this year ICAD challenge too. I will be making 61 cards over 61 days and I will try to make them into patterns. This way I am not giving up my 100 patterns challenge and can still do another one. We will see how it goes, but I hope that I fill find time for both. I am using Posca markers for index cards and trying to make them as simple as possible, so I don’t need too much time for cutting them out and arranging on computer. Colors are abundant there so I hope for some nice new colorful palettes for my patterns.



Here’s a happy one for 100th blog post this year. I am very happy how I made this one. I cut the shapes from the photo from the art journal and then arranged them and then drew the yellow dots. I did it all in photoshop and learned how to draw elements on the same layer and how to move individual elements around, without affecting the rest of the layer. And it all went quickly and smoothly.

The weather is horrid. We could not go out for a walk because it’s raining since morning. I am trying to keep myself busy, so I don’t get depressed. It’s not easy, but I managed until now. I feel stressed and overwhelmed but not powerless and depressed, which is not optimal, but still not that bad 🙂


Green Circles

Another variation of circles. This turned out as a surprise because I just experimented and did not have a plan. I like it. It Saturday and the weather is more or less ok, so we had a little walk after I came back from the market. I don’t have special plans for the rest of the day. I think I might read a book or play a game before cooking dinner. Tomorrow’s forecast is rain again…


Dotty Circles Red

Today’s patter with only red circles. Even though simple, I like it very much. Could imagine a scarf or a skirt… Today I was on holiday and we went to OBI because there the ‘over 65 between 9-12’ does not apply, so Mother and I can go shop together. She was becoming depressed from lack of shopping, so this was really helpful 🙂 We bought batteries for our remote switch in kitchen, so now we have light again.


Dotty Circles

Used another art journal page to make today’s pattern. This one makes me happy. However, I am not really satisfied with how the photos worked here. I would like to re-draw them on the computer, but that would take loads of time. So, it will wait until I get an Ipad and Procreate… Sigh… Maybe next year.

Yesterday my T-shirt from Society 6 arrived and I am really happy with it. I need to take a photo… Maybe be on the weekend 🙂