Watercolor meditation 100

This was the last of my 100 day project on Instagram. Unfortunately I neglected my blog for a long time, but I am hopeful it will get better. There is so much I want to do and so little time to do it. But I guess I am not special in that regard 😊. Yesterday we moved house for a second time in one year. I am all crazy and exhausted, so I thought it’s the right moment to start blogging again. LOL! Right!?

Second Week of #icad

I am seriously enjoying doing these… And also I enjoy alcohol markers. I started with three and then bought three more. They are just amazing. I was reluctant to use them as they are expensive and not lightfast but I finally decided that I should not worry too much about lightfastness as I can always scan my work and make prints if I wanted to hang it on a wall… so yeah…

And I also made some stamps from leftover rubber I have from December challenge. They are tiny and so imperfect but I think they are well suited for this purpose. 

First Seven Days of #icad

I was sure that I won’t do Index Card a Day challenge this year. So… I am doing it 😊

It’s strangely satisfying to use markers and be able to finish it fast and not worry about it being beautiful or likeable or anything. Let’s see how long I will keep up.