Dotty Circles

Used another art journal page to make today’s pattern. This one makes me happy. However, I am not really satisfied with how the photos worked here. I would like to re-draw them on the computer, but that would take loads of time. So, it will wait until I get an Ipad and Procreate… Sigh… Maybe next year.

Yesterday my T-shirt from Society 6 arrived and I am really happy with it. I need to take a photo… Maybe be on the weekend 🙂



Another pattern with pale repeat in the background. I like how it adds interest and complexity. I need to practice making more complex patterns. Part of learning 🙂

Weather got worse it rained in the morning and now there is very strong wind. It will most probably spoil our walk… but there is still hope 🙂 And anyway I need to clean house, so no time will get wasted…



I made this one today from a detail of one of my art journal pages. I really like how subtle it is. It would work great on a wallpaper or summer skirt…

It’s Saturday and after the usual visit to the market, we had a walk which was partly in the light rain and partly in boiling humidity after the rain. But we did it anyway. I am arranging meetings with my new group of ladies from Flourish membership. Looking forward to meeting new people…