So these are the two versions of the pattern I worked on yesterday and today. The basic repeat square is the photo of the print I made yesterday. My goal was to preserve the imperfection of the print and get the working repeat pattern. It took a lot of time and a lot of trial and error, but I learned stuff too, so I am happy. I love the lime green background 🙂


Watercolor SquaresIMG_3570

Two things today. One is a pattern made of simple watercolor squares I painted yesterday. Pretty easy to make, and nothing special, maybe would be nice on a tissue box 🙂

The second is a stamp I carved today. I am trying to make a repeat pattern out of it in Photoshop and it’s really difficult, but I think I am getting there. I wanted to leave the background color because I really like it, but it’s not possible because the color is not uniform due to this being a photo, so once you repeat it, individual tiles are easily visible and that’s not ok. So now I am working on removing the background and moving two to three stamped images to make the distribution more even. I hope to finish by tomorrow.


Bird Dreams

New Watercolor pattern. Not really very successful, but I tested some alternative way of making pattern in Photoshop and it works. I just need to work on how to balance elements better to achieve more natural look. Did not have much time either and if I want to make a pattern a day, I need to accept imperfections.

It was a busy Saturday. Went to the market to buy food and then had a short walk and after worked in the garden. The weather was finally acceptable, meaning not cold and not windy. Now, let’s cook some dinner.


I dream of you

New watercolor pattern I made today. It took several hours to clean the photo and make all parts and decide on composition. I have something completely different in mind when I started, but this is what came out and I am really happy with it. Uploading it to Spoonflower and I a few more patterns and I am ordering tests swatches and then definitely making a table cloth out of this one 🙂

Otherwise enjoying my Friday holiday, went for a bit of walk, put the foil on fence, which was quite a bit of work. Now off to cook some dinner and then rest…