Mandala: 25 December 

I finished it several days ago but waited for some light to take a photo. It was raining in the morning but it cleared now so I grabbed my phone and made a shot.

It was a nice Christmas Eve but a bit too much food, as usual. But that’s ok ūüėä

I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Mandala: 14 December

I finished coloring the mandala I drew two weeks ago.


I used mostly water-based markers. I did some details with gold gel pen and white acrylic ink (which could not stay white because of markers bleeding through, but I am fine with that).

Here is a detail:


I got the cold from Mother, so today I am nursing my sore throat with garlic, honey and tea. I feel sad and worried about how I will drive to Munich tomorrow. I hope I will feel better…

Mandala Coloring in Progress

This is the one I posted two days ago. I started coloring but will not finish it soon because I travel today and won’t take it with me. There is another unfinished one waiting for me for next week though.

Last night we went out to Christmas Market in the center but that was a mistake as the streets were so crowded that we could barely walk. We did not see much and we didn’t get any food or wine because we didn’t want to cue for it. So we went back to our local market and had food and wine there. Maybe we will try again but choose a working day instead of weekend.

Today is sunny and warm. I went for a run and now I will be packing and leaving. Great day for a drive…

Mandala for Coloring: 9 December


I drew this one on an A3 sheet of paper, so I cannot scan it, as my scanner is A4. I hope it will print well from the photo, if someone is interested to have a go. I started coloring it today. It will be a long process…

It’s Friday and all my unpleasant errands are done or cancelled and I am still alive. YAY! It was one hell of a week, but I handled it all well and I am very happy with myself. Yesterday afternoon we met a friend of mine for dinner. We went to a place called Dallas, an American-style diner with huge burgers and great steaks. I always take the same burger and it’s big and juicy¬†and makes me incredibly satisfied (and just a bit guilty). That’s the thing with me: when I find a meal I like in a restaurant, I always eat that one. Sometimes I even decide to try something else, but when the moment comes to order, I order the same old… Afraid to get disappointed and stay hungry, I guess. LOL!

Mandala: 8 December


Another mandala done. Today I stayed to work from home half a day, as I planned to go to the doctor with my mother. But, the doctor got sick and cancelled, so our errand is moved two weeks from now. I would be more glad if I could have got rid of that one today, but I am not complaining. It was nice to stay home, if only for being able to take some photos of my art in daylight. Not that we got much of it today, but still there is a difference!

One day to Saturday! There is only embassy visit left for tomorrow morning. Each December my mother needs to prove to the embassy that she is still alive in order to receive her pension money for next year. It includes going there, taking deposit slip for the bank, going to the bank, paying the fee, going back to the embassy to take the proof of life document and then going to the post office to post it to the pension authorities back home. We will leave the post office for Saturday, as I also have some happy mail to send and there is a post office close to the market where we buy food on Saturdays.

It looks like I am surviving this week. And I am so glad it’s almost over!

Mandala: 6 December


I am sitting at the car service, waiting for oil change. I was supposed to be here at 8.00 am, but was more than 45 minutes late, due to incredibly dense traffic. I got up at 5.20 am and got around half an hour of mandala coloring and doodling while drinking my coffee. The photo was made under the lamp, so the colors are not right at all. These days it’s impossible to make any decent photos, as I go from home before daylight and I come back at night. But at least they are authentic and you get a pretty good idea of the conditions…

So, four more days to Saturday. After I finish with the service, I am heading to work for a second day of audit. Step by slowly step I am putting the unpleasant things behind me. I can do it…

Mandala: 4 December

This is the mandala I was working on for past several days. I finished it yesterday, but could take a photo only today.


I am very pleased with it. It was done in my Black Book with white Posca pen, black Edding marker, Luminance6901, Sakura gel pens, and Rotring Isograph with white acrylic ink.

Otherwise, it was a very good day yesterday – I did not go to the gym, but I did something even better – I went out for a run! The weather was great, sunny and not so cold, so around noon it was perfect for going out. In the morning I went to the market to buy food and had breakfast and coffee in my favorite cafe. In the afternoon we cooked dinner and watched Netflix, what else… And I did loads of art. Beautiful day. I hope to repeat it to a great extent today…