Black Book Update

Art Journal, black book, doodles, Mandala, Ornaments

It’s a beautiful Saturday here and another entry into my Black Book:


Of course if the photo is made in natural light, the shimmer from metallic pens is gone. Here is a close-up made in artificial light:


Actually I made another one today, but I could not make a photo because it’s already getting dark, so I will post it tomorrow. I worked in my She Thinks Positive journal too and will have a few pages to share. Maybe I do that tomorrow and leave the Black Book for later. Ah! So nice when there is lot to post 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend!


black book, doodles, Mandala, Ornaments

I am a bit unsettled because today I am going to a company retreat. It will be nice I am sure but being who I am of course I do not want to go and I am nervous and restless.

Anyway… I am taking my Black book with me so I’ll have something to calm me down in case I will need it. Which will be the case 🙂

Here’s the page I finished today. 


Art Journal, black book, doodles, Mandala

Another update from the Black Book:


These things are hard to photograph… I applied a filter on IG so it looks quite ok. I remember my frustration with this from January. Maybe I should try with a real camera and real photo editing software. Maybe the phone is not really the best solution here.

Anyway, you get the idea… I used sakura metallic gel pens, sakura white glaze pen and acrylic ink for fine details. I really like this one… Think I may frame it one day 🙂

Here’s a little video I posted in IG too. I tried to film the white part, but it was even more out of focus than this 🙂


Fog all around us

Art Journal, black book, Mandala, Mixed Media

It’s been days now that the fog is not lifting. It’s cold and it’s wet and all looks dirty. And I feel sad this morning.  I did manage to sleep for a whole 7 hours tonight though… what a success!

Here’s yesterday’s entry in my black book.


I quite enjoyed creating this one. Today I started a Life Book lesson for this week some rather intuitive painting of vase with flowers. Not my thing definitely. Maybe also something to do with my sad mood today so it seems predestined to fail… that’s why I left it and decided to revisit it tomorrow morning. I will do it. I promised to finish all lessons this year, remember?

Black Book Mandala

Art Journal, black book, Mandala, Mixed Media

I finished this yesterday but was too busy to post.


I really enjoyed creating this one. Love all those little dots and it being hand drawn and not symmetrical. I am thinking about turning this one into line art and making it available for coloring. Let me think some more…


black book, Mixed Media

I rarely frame my works. Mostly they are anyway done in books, meaning there is always another painting on the back side. The Black Book is different. Because of shimmery stuff, embossing  and raised paint I didn’t do another piece in the back, so it was easy to just tear it out and take it to be framed.


And the reason for doing it at all was… well it was done for someone I love because he wanted it. Enough reason to take that trip to the frame shop. I did have other three drawings done for my kitchen wall at the same time. I just need to hang them now.

It’s a horribly cold sunny Saturday morning here and my spirits are low. I’m tired and sad. I didn’t use my bright light for two days because my sleep was disturbed and I thought I would skip the light therapy for a few days. Maybe my mood is affected… maybe there are other reasons…

Black Book January

Art Journal, black book, Mixed Media

Another entry in my black book. I realised I can take better photo if I leave the lamp on. I do get some glare from the lamp but that’s ok. Glitter is visible and it makes me happy.



My cold is still bothering me. I’m not sick but I don’t feel good. I slept very little last night and it happens quite often lately… anyway… sunny day ahead very cold but I am going out anyway. Things to do…

Sick or not so sick

Art Journal, Mandala, Mixed Media

Mostly I am pissed with myself because I feel unwell. It’s kind of cold and it is not. I feel like almost normal but still need to lie down. My head aches but it’s not so bad. But it’s not normal. And I feel incredibly restless and angry. I did a new entry in my black book. Started last night finished this morning. It really does not look bad but it does not photograph properly. The gold turns to yellow and silver to white and it all looks just plain awful. And it’s not. Just makes me pissed off.


And then I tried to make a closeup in hope it will look better, but it looks the same.


It’s back to bed for me, I guess…