You know…

Actually I have to say that I don’t… words just came to me so I wrote them down. Yesterday I received my order of new watercolors: helio turquoise, paynes grey and gold. So this was just trying them out. I love them. And I  enjoy  Elegant Writer… I am obsessed with watching watercolor flow and mix. It’s a cold sunny day here in Budapest… Have a nice Wednesday you all…


End of February

February is not my favourite month, but I keep a special place for it in my heart anyway, because I was born in February. This February was good. I did art every day and I did lots of self explorations in my journal. And that felt so awesome that I think I am going to continue and there will be no special theme for March. I completed the journal I started last year and that also feels really good. Today I filmed a flip-through the journal and will post it to YouTube, so tomorrow I will put the link here.

As I haven’t posted for two days, there are several things I want to show you today. Two of them are done for Life Book 2016 and two are d daily entries into my journal. First there is this one:


It’s an affirmation page. We were supposed to paint over the transfer of our own photo, but as it’s not really my piece of cake, I just painted a face. For the purpose of this exercise, we will suppose it’s me. Then, there are affirmative sentences stating things I wish for or I want more of, or I want to change. Important is that all is in present tense and that all is positive. So there we go…

The next one for Life Book 2016 is below:


These are 5-minute painterly flowers. I have to admit that I kind of freaked out when I saw that we need to make painterly flowers again. But, as I said I would do all lessons, there was no backing out. After overcoming the initial fear, I have to say that this was easy, quick and quite enjoyable. And I think, pretty successful. I may even get to love the painterly flowers. 😉

And now the first entry into my new journal:


This time my journal is not hand-made, but a plain moleskin book with thick paper. I bought it months ago and was hesitant to use it, because I so love my hand-made ones. But now I decided it’s time, so here it is. The paper is good. It’s different, and will take some getting used to, but it will be ok.

Here is the second one I did today:


The oracle said “adventure” again. It’s funny, because I am actually going to spend a weekend away from home… It’s not going to be much of an adventure, but I am looking forward to it. I do feel a bit sick today. I have pain around my ribs, I guess I have some cold… So I am not so happy… However, here’s a page to give me courage. Go girl! Wishing you all a great weekend



“Pause” said the oracle today… I woke  up restless and worried because things are not happening the way I want. And after seeing the card I thought that I am too involved in pushing towards new and new things I want to see happening. And that makes me impatient and unhappy. So I  pause… and I see so much beauty around me that already happened. And I wonder… why can’t we just pause and enjoy what we have? Life’s become a constant race to achieve more and more. Of course I can’t be happy if I never once pause and appreciate what is already here…



If you are really quiet and if you listen very carefully, you will hear. And then you will know what you need to do.


Oracle card I pulled today said ‘intuition’ so this is what came out. It’s finally Saturday, the sun is shining, i feel good. All is fine. 🙂

Choose Love

How difficult can it be to give smiles instead of frowns? How difficult can it be to choose to enjoy life instead of being worried about things you can’t change? How difficult can it be to choose love? Happiness is choice. Besides, it’s Friday. That should make it a bit easier :). Happy Friday and thanks for visiting here! ❤


Laughter Brings Hope

Today I again pulled the “laughter” card from the oracle deck.


I quite enjoy doing flowers lately and using my elegant writer pen. I am so happy to see the ink and watercolor mix and flow. I am feeling a bit restless last two days. Lot of work and lot of private stuff going on. I hope more peaceful time is coming my way soon…