Flower Doodle Journal: 1-6

Art Journal, doodles

The other day I was browsing the moleskine offer in a bookshop and I saw this small watercolor album. It was, of course, the only one on offer. I don’t know why it is almost impossible to find any of the moleskine art journals in shops I visit. It’s such a rarity that I always buy all of them I see (I saw two in two years).

I was wondering what to do with it and then it occurred to me that it would be perfect for quick doodles, and flowers just came naturally. So, here are pages 1-6:


The paper is quite nice, I did not experience any problems, but to be honest I also did not wet it too much. It is, I think meant for quick sketches, and for that purpose it’s just fine. The first page was done with Ecoline, the rest with watercolor. I noticed that Ecoline dries darker, unlike watercolor, which was quite a surprise because it’s supposed to be liquid watercolor. I have several bottles, but haven’t used them much, so more experimenting is coming soon and this journal seems perfect for that. I just did not want to carry Ecoline to the seaside with me, watercolor was easier to pack.

The weather is not so good today, it was raining in the morning, but I managed to get out for a run and walk (I was too tired to run all the way). I found a nice spot to sit on a big rock in the middle of a clearing in a pine forest. I was sitting there and listening to the wind, watching the sea through the pine branches. Nature is amazing and life seems so simple when one is sitting on a rock and listening to the wind. I wish my holiday would last forever…


Watercolor Ink Doodle: 22 October

Art Journal, doodles, Mandala, Watercolor

It’s a nice sunny Saturday. Almost hard to believe that there was a blue sky above those murky clouds we had during the whole week. This means that I will have to do my gardening today, no excuse. I don’t feel like going out, because even though it’s sunny, it’s very cold, so it means my hands will freeze and I am so not up to it. But things have to be done in order to preserve my vegetables from freezing, so I will do them.

And here’s another watercolor ink doodle I did during the past week:


Today I will also be working on another spread in Book of Days. If I finish it today it will be the fourth BOD spread in one week. Well done with catching up on this one, I think. I skipped the Life Book lesson this week – it was some calligraphy practice that I really did not care about, so it made more time for other stuff. Good week.

Have a wonderful weekend people!

Collage Flowers

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Yesterday I finished last week’s Life Book lesson. I was lazy to start but I have to say that I really liked the making of it. And I love how it turned out:


The vase is a cut-out from my painting palette (there is a stencil mark visible too) and it dictated the colors I used for flowers, because the teacher’s were different. I have to say I love mine better :D. I am so excited about this signal magenta – it’s my very favorite color. The background was done with watercolor and I used my sprays which I prepared for Vitamin Sea class. I have to say it’s a brilliant idea to make watercolor sprays: you can make a stunning background in seconds. Of course you cannot see any of it because it got covered by collage and acrylic paint :). The flowers and leaves are cut-outs from an old copy of Kama Sutra (I never read it and never will, and it was printed on such bad paper that it had got this natural vintage look, perfect for collaging, so I could not resist). I haven’t used acrylics in a while, so this was quite a refreshment… Off to catch-up with Vitamin Sea today…

ICAD: two videos

ICAD, Mixed Media, video, Watercolor

I am in the middle of experimenting with watercolors this month and it’s making me so happy. But last week I have recorded two videos, which I haven’t shared with you. They are already on YouTube. Both are ICAD projects, but also use watercolor, so I am not moving away from this month’s topic 🙂


They are very quick and simple cards, but were fun to make. ICAD is perfect project for experimenting with stuff. Something like this I would never do in my journal, but felt ok for the index card. A bit like card-making, which I never did in my life 🙂 So, I hope you will enjoy them… For tomorrow, I have a bright and colorful post in mind for World Watercolor Month challenge…

Recharge your Energy

Art Journal, doodles, Ornaments


Today is about pausing and maturing. Today is about releasing regrets and forgiving.  Today is the day of green and gold, the day of fruit, ripening, and protection. Today is about recharging with energy and getting ready for tomorrow.

Now is time for something else

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media, stencil cutting

We have to set our priorities, right? And self-care is currently my number one. My mood is strange but bright colors help and messy pages seem to reflect my state of mind and emotions. That is how it should be. That’s what art journals are for…

I cut a new stencil yesterday (white flowers on the spread). I am out of transparencies have to go shopping today…


You know…

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Actually I have to say that I don’t… words just came to me so I wrote them down. Yesterday I received my order of new watercolors: helio turquoise, paynes grey and gold. So this was just trying them out. I love them. And I  enjoy  Elegant Writer… I am obsessed with watching watercolor flow and mix. It’s a cold sunny day here in Budapest… Have a nice Wednesday you all…


Laughter Brings Hope

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Today I again pulled the “laughter” card from the oracle deck.


I quite enjoy doing flowers lately and using my elegant writer pen. I am so happy to see the ink and watercolor mix and flow. I am feeling a bit restless last two days. Lot of work and lot of private stuff going on. I hope more peaceful time is coming my way soon…

Open your heart

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Bad night behind… it seems that all people around me were somehow affected with bad mood virus. Including myself… so I was worried and restless and of course didn’t sleep well. The weather is strange, rainy, cloudy, windy, warm…

But the oracle said ‘open your heart’. And I did. I do. Everything is different when you allow yourself to feel love…