She Thinks Positive Journal: 21-23

As I said yesterday, it is time for a She Thinks Positive Journal update. I haven’t done much, only three pages since my last post, but never mind, there is no deadline only the goal of completing the journal one day. Which feels very good!

I also like the idea of having a dedicated journal for a theme, so there is no pressure and whatever I feel like creating one day, I just reach for that particular journal… Takes a lot of pressure from me… Don’t know if some of you have the same feeling and if you understand my ramblings 🙂

Enough talk, here are the pages I did:


As you can see, I did two half-turned faces, which is a new thing. I finally learned an easy way to do them from Jane Davenport, that is why they definitely have a touch of her style, especially in the hair. Never mind, I am happy that I can finally do it decently. I need more practice, so more will follow 🙂

I also bought two Ecoline bottles: bluish green and turquoise (used in the hairs of the two half-profile girls). I love them and will definitely have to get more. Unfortunately, they are a pretty rare find in places I visit and these were only two colors that belong to my favorite group. We will see what I can think of in terms of finding a decent source of them…

I am off for a walk (and possible ice cream) because the weather is too nice to stay indoors. Have a happy Sunday!

She Thinks Positive Journal 19-20

It’s been one busy week and I did not do much art. Last two days I’ve been back to my Black Book – discovered an unfinished mandala kind of something there and have been working on it, doodling with white pen and making dots with Perfect Pearls. It was meditative and soothing. As that one is not finished yet, I am not posting it now. Rather here are the two faces and two messages I did in She Thinks Positive Journal.


Do you see how her eyes are not at the same level?! Imagine that I did not notice it before she was almost done!!! And then it was too late. Ah well… I used color pencils to add definition and detail on top of watercolor. It works well.

Today is a big local holiday. There will be huge fireworks tonight. I hope it will not rain 🙂

She Thinks Positive Journal 14- 18

For today I have an update in my She Thinks Positive Journal. This week I managed to do a face and an affirmation every day. Next week is my office week and it will probably not happen, but let’s think positive, it might 🙂

Here are the pages from 14 to 18. In one of them I tried to do a profile and of course I had to use an eraser because I cannot get it right really. So that one deviated a bit from my rule in this journal. Obviously, I will have to practice doing profiles and half-profiles, because I never do them and I do not know how, so… Practice, practice I will 🙂 There will be more erasing…


Out of these five I love the last one best even though her eyes and her nostrils are not on the same level… What I like is her dreamy expression and her hair. Also her message is very applicable in this moment 🙂

Which one resonates with you today?

She Thinks Positive Journal

The watercolor month is over (I just finished another ATC, LOL! It does not seem to be over for me, but at least I am not counting them any longer.) and I’ve started doing other stuff. Actually, I am continuing with other stuff, which is mostly my coursework… One new thing that I started some weeks ago is a ‘She Thinks Positive Journal’. One day I was in the Art shop and innocently looking around in the paper section and I saw this fabulous spiral bound Fabriano sketchbook… Now, you must know one thing about me: I am a sucker for 90g yellowish drawing paper. I’ve been buying Canson sketching blocks for ages and using them to make my hand-made journals. It does not matter that I always use watercolor on those journals and that 90g paper wrinkles. I love it even more for that. So, even though I have still a lot of Canson 90g paper and I could make several hand-made journals, somehow when I saw this one, I had to have it. Besides, it was only 2.5 EUR! Hey! That’s a lot of happiness almost for free!

So, I got home and started with painting. Actually I was pretty much in a state over something and very emotional and all and that’s how the idea was born to make a kind of let it out but don’t let it show (my specialty) journal. Here’s how it works: I start writing my heart out in pencil on those beautiful yellowish pages. I pour my negativity and sadness and bitterness and all the unanswered questions and unfulfilled expectations and all the stuff that may reside in me and may or may not want to come out (I am an introvert, remember, I do not bother people with my stuff), so I squeeze it all out and then I cover it with a layer of white gesso. That way I empty my negativity on there and get a beautiful white page for painting (gesso also helps to firm the pages a bit so they do not wrinkle so much). Then I write an affirmative thought, which must be something positive because no matter how negative I may feel, there is always something positive I can find. If I cannot think of anything, which is rare, then I pull an oracle card and take it from there. Oracle cards are great way to get a positive thought for the day! I write down the thought and then I draw a face. No erasing, so they are far from perfect, but that’s the whole point.

Enough words, I think, let me show you how it looks. There are 60 pages in the book, so there will be 120 faces and affirmations. Quite a lot, but it goes nicely for the time being. Here are two of them for today:



Be gentle to yourself

Okay… it’s the right card that I pulled today… rough weekend behind with too many thoughts and too much looking for explanations and too many things not happening the way I imagine they should. But that’s life. And relationships are supposed to be challenging and to provide stimulation for my own growth. Sometimes there’s too much stimulation though. Too much to handle at once… but then, that’s exclusively my choice. So, no blame no complaints. Just, it’s time to take it easy…


Open your heart

Bad night behind… it seems that all people around me were somehow affected with bad mood virus. Including myself… so I was worried and restless and of course didn’t sleep well. The weather is strange, rainy, cloudy, windy, warm…

But the oracle said ‘open your heart’. And I did. I do. Everything is different when you allow yourself to feel love…