Week 9-15 March 2015

And here’s a post about last week, just to make sure that I don’t forget again 🙂

I managed to finish one of the lessons on Life Book 2015 which I missed some weeks ago. It was about creating a dream catcher using paper doily and paper “feathers”. Here is how it looks:


I made the background first glueing a napkin and using pink and gold acrylics over it. I also used some glitter glue in copper color. Then I glued the paper doily and it got pretty lost, because it was thin and you could see the background through it. In order to bring it back to life, I went over it with the white acrylic, which helped. Then I made the feathers from paper and coloured them with gelatos. I went around with a pitt marker to make shadows. Here are some details:



The next thing I did over the weekend was a bonus lesson from Tamara representing my inner art guardian… It was a good chance to practice painting face again and I REALLY LOVED it. I did the drawing first and then painted the girl and after that the background. I am really pleased with the face, but the wing was a bit of a challenge really 🙂

IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472

I also carved my first stamp this weekend, but I forgot to take a photo. It was a nice experience and I will be doing more that’s sure. I just need to get hold of some Lino sheets…

Week 2-8 March 2015

Yes, I forgot to write the post for last week. I forgot even to put on my to-do list, which is obviously the reason I forgot it in the first place. Or the second place 🙂

Whatever… I finished on Sunday the gold-leaf project for Life book 2015. It is here:

Photo 07-03-15 08 53 45 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 08 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 15

The original assignment was to make a boat on which we would use gold leaf. I was not inspired by that idea, so I thought to make these flowers, using the same pattern I used for the dandelions from the last week. Gold leafing was quite a pleasure, but I talked about it already last week.

I also finished editing the video about my February Journal page, which can be seen here:

Week 23 February – 1 March 2015

Some virus was playing with my nose and throat this week, and I was pretty scared that I will end up with the flu, the horrible flu which almost nobody from the office could avoid. I took some preventive herbal nose and throat spray and it helped. So, yes, I think I am out of it.

I did two line drawings on Wednesday, but did not scan them, so they will have to wait for another post. On Sunday there was again the arty morning: I made a journal page with a pattern from one of those Wednesday drawings. Here it is:

Photo 03-03-15 12 53 11

It buckled a bit… And here are some details:

Photo 01-03-15 09 51 40 (1) Photo 01-03-15 09 51 40

I also recorded the process and the video is here:

Another thing that I did on Sunday morning was my Monthly Journal Page:

Photo 03-03-15 08 21 46

I decided to document each month this year, so I write important things that happen, add important photos and list movies that I watched, books I read, and so on. I filmed this one too, but did not have time to edit the video. I will do it tomorrow I think.

And here’s the Monthly Journal Page I did for January:

Photo 02-03-15 08 53 31

And, as I already have the photo of this weeks project I am posting it:

Photo 03-03-15 12 52 50

I am working on a piece for Life Book 2015, which includes using gold leaf. I first thought I would skip this lesson, but then watched the video on Saturday and I thought I ma do it.. It was fun. I used double sided adhesive sheet, as I did not have any special glue for gold leaf. This worked perfectly – I cut the circles and stuck them on the page and then removed the other protective foil from he adhesive sheet and put the gold leaf on. How cool is that? I just need to do the flowers around them. I think I will use the same dandelion pattern from the Sunday journal…

Week 16-22 February 2015

This week I finished two pieces that are Life Book 2015 related. One was a lesson by Violette Clark:

Photo 19-02-15 14 00 14

My heart was not really in this one. I should have used different colors on the house, but… Ah well. It’s done. Anyway, I am kind of late with the Life Book lessons. I did not like some of them, and for others I did not have time. I guess it’s not really so important. I should have a good time, learn something new and keep doing it every week. That is what really counts 🙂

The other piece that I did is the one I really liked. Tam sent it at as Valentines present for us. I really enjoyed it. I used watercolours, Neocolor II crayons, newspapers, stamps for leaves, owl and cat. Butterflies are cut from a napkin and coloured by markers. Girl’s dress is assembled of scrapbooking paper. Stars are made with stencil and modelling paste.

Photo 23-02-15 07 54 45 Photo 23-02-15 07 54 59 Photo 23-02-15 07 55 33 Photo 23-02-15 07 55 40