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Today I am sharing something rather unusual for me… I mean, no, it’s not the mess that is unusual, it’s just that I don’t share my mess all that often 🙂 Somehow today I was not in any deep thinking mood and don’t have a finished piece of work to show off, so I thought, why not share this:


So… I have many things in progress. The black page with white handwriting is part of a lesson for Life Book 2016. That one is  finished, I am just working on the second part which comes on top and it’s there in the far right upper corner. Next to it is this weeks lesson from Life Book 2016. Obviously I am a bit behind, somehow couldn’t make myself start the lesson in time last week, so I started both at the same time this week…

In the middle, there is my art journal with the current double spread ornamental doodles. I will be finishing that one tomorrow morning. Here in the lower left corner is my hand-made Food Mood and Exercise journal (I am trying to lose weight and it helps writing it all down, at least for me if I have to document it I think twice before putting it in my mouth…). Next to it on the big pile from bottom to top are: my company laptop, something on top of it, I do not know what, and on top of that my private laptop, on top of my private laptop is my little everyday planner, on top of the planner is my transparent travelling bag with art supplies, and on top of the bag is another hand-made journal where I stick some scraps I collect from mail I receive (or some papers on which I try something and then it’s too pretty to trash), and where I write my morning musings and doodle carelessly… Quite an impressive pile of stuff that is…

There you go… You got some insight into my morning routine. I clean it up every morning when I finish with my arting time, but next morning it’s again the same… It works for me…

Have nice Tuesday you all…!

Lady of Compassion

Art Journal, doodles, Faces, Mixed Media

There is  this lesson in Life Book 2016 where we were supposed to find out where we are hard on ourselves and where we need to be better to ourselves. And I was thinking and thinking and realized that I am not really hard on myself at all. I am really really nice to myself. It’s the others that are suffering my hardness. And it’s not a nice thing to find out about yourself at all… However, even though I am hard on others at the same time it’s also me who is missing on things. You see what I mean: if I hurt someone, I also hurt myself, because I am not really enjoying hurting people, I am not enjoying not trusting people, I am not thrilled about not showing love and compassion to people I actually truly love. So, the big discovery is: through being hard on others I am really hard on myself. It all came together nicely and I could do the lesson :). Here are the four things with which I have problem with, that are supposed to be placed in the corners of the painting: trust, love, compassion and acceptance. And the lady is the Lady of Compassion who is helping with stuff. Useful insights come out of dwelling on stuff you thought is obvious…



Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

It’s been a couple days since my last post. Not that I did not do art, just I was too lazy to write a post… If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, then it does not get done. I am a morning person, like from 6-10 am and after that I am good for nothing… Except procrastination, of course! LOL!

So what was I doing in these days past? Here first is a spread from my art journal which was made when I was not really feeling all happy. Frankly saying I was pretty pissed and nervous for no particular reason, probably hormonal 😉


I used oil stick in black. Pretty nice, you can make all sorts of marks with it and also, because it is kind of dimensional, you can scratch it, which was THE thing for me that morning, helped with my being nervous and all 🙂 The drawback is, oil needs time to dry, this dried pretty quickly though – in only one day! So, all is good.

The next thing is last week’s lesson for Life Book 2016. We were supposed to use modelling paste over watercolour background, but I realised I did not have any at hand, so I used gel medium. The effect is ok, though not quite as it was supposed to be…


And then again a spread in my art journal:


This one took some time, but I really enjoyed doing all the details. See what a change in comparison with the one which was made in bad mood…

And finally, the piece I finished this morning:


This was done in response to the prompt from Journal 52 and Book of Days with Effy Wild. I really enjoyed doing her.

So, it’s Saturday and we have a long weekend ahead, because the next working day will be Wednesday. YAY! Lots of art coming, I think…

End of February

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

February is not my favourite month, but I keep a special place for it in my heart anyway, because I was born in February. This February was good. I did art every day and I did lots of self explorations in my journal. And that felt so awesome that I think I am going to continue and there will be no special theme for March. I completed the journal I started last year and that also feels really good. Today I filmed a flip-through the journal and will post it to YouTube, so tomorrow I will put the link here.

As I haven’t posted for two days, there are several things I want to show you today. Two of them are done for Life Book 2016 and two are d daily entries into my journal. First there is this one:


It’s an affirmation page. We were supposed to paint over the transfer of our own photo, but as it’s not really my piece of cake, I just painted a face. For the purpose of this exercise, we will suppose it’s me. Then, there are affirmative sentences stating things I wish for or I want more of, or I want to change. Important is that all is in present tense and that all is positive. So there we go…

The next one for Life Book 2016 is below:


These are 5-minute painterly flowers. I have to admit that I kind of freaked out when I saw that we need to make painterly flowers again. But, as I said I would do all lessons, there was no backing out. After overcoming the initial fear, I have to say that this was easy, quick and quite enjoyable. And I think, pretty successful. I may even get to love the painterly flowers. 😉

And now the first entry into my new journal:


This time my journal is not hand-made, but a plain moleskin book with thick paper. I bought it months ago and was hesitant to use it, because I so love my hand-made ones. But now I decided it’s time, so here it is. The paper is good. It’s different, and will take some getting used to, but it will be ok.

Here is the second one I did today:


The oracle said “adventure” again. It’s funny, because I am actually going to spend a weekend away from home… It’s not going to be much of an adventure, but I am looking forward to it. I do feel a bit sick today. I have pain around my ribs, I guess I have some cold… So I am not so happy… However, here’s a page to give me courage. Go girl! Wishing you all a great weekend


Mandala on top of collage

Mandala, Mixed Media

This week’s lessons in Life Book 2016.


We were supposed to trace a given drawing of mandala on top of collage. I decided to use one of my mandalas from before, so I  just drew it and colored with markers and acrylics. I’m not particularly thrilled with it, but it’s ok. Another lesson done. Back to my art journal tomorrow 😉

Black and white doodles

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Today I give you this week’s lesson from Life Book. The challenge was to do it monochromatic. There were again painterly flowers presented by the teacher, but I decided that one frustration was quite enough so I  rather stick to what I know I can do. So doodles.


Letting go a bit…

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

I finished today this week’s lesson in Life Book 2016. I was quite anxious about it as we were supposed to let our child (imaginary in my case) paint along. So my grownup part did the nice painting and the kid was supposed to wreck it and then the grownup fix it and so on. Basically what felt uncomfortable was the fixing part… the kid in me being quite determined to have her way…

Anyway even though I don’t feel very strongly about the end product, here she is. Looking a bit pissed no wonder…


And yes, that’s the wrong side of paper, obviously… but in a journal one must accept it.

My Box of Wisdom

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

This year in Life Book has started very well. I was inspired with all the lessons so far and did all of them. Maybe it’s just me having my “easilyinspired” period. This one was particularly emotional as I am again going through an emotional turmoil. This time I am feeling a bit more positive about things and governed by my word of the year, I am accepting…


The sentences and words were given to us by the lesson presenter and we had to choose what’s applicable. Naturally I have chosen what I felt at the moment… she is content and confident that she has learned many wise things which she will put to good use to guide her on her way forward…

What I leave behind and what I welcome this year

Mixed Media

There was this little bonus lesson in Life Book 2016 representing a butterfly soaring towards the sun and the sun representing the stuff we want to welcome to our lives this year. There is a trail behind the butterfly which represents all that we want to leave behind.


Surely I would like to part with my fears, mistrust, depression, judgment and the feeling of not being loved. I would like to invite trust, wisdom, maturity, forgiveness, acceptance and love. It’s time to accept what comes bravely and  with open heart. Let it come what comes. I am ready.