Mandala for Coloring: 13 December


I used one of my #carveDecember stamps to see how it could be incorporated into a mandala. Frankly, I rarely use stamps in my art, and as I like carving them, it’s pity. So I am trying to find a way to use them more. I think this may work:


Otherwise, I am having Day 1 migraine and trying hard to pretend it’s nothing. I feel cold and miserable and hardly wait for a couple more hours to go by and to go to sleep hoping that tomorrow I will be better (although I know that I won’t because it will be only Migraine Day 2). On the more positive note Mother is feeling better, so I will not have to cancel our trip on Thursday.


Mandala for Coloring: 9 December



I drew this one on an A3 sheet of paper, so I cannot scan it, as my scanner is A4. I hope it will print well from the photo, if someone is interested to have a go. I started coloring it today. It will be a long process…

It’s Friday and all my unpleasant errands are done or cancelled and I am still alive. YAY! It was one hell of a week, but I handled it all well and I am very happy with myself. Yesterday afternoon we met a friend of mine for dinner. We went to a place called Dallas, an American-style diner with huge burgers and great steaks. I always take the same burger and it’s big and juicy and makes me incredibly satisfied (and just a bit guilty). That’s the thing with me: when I find a meal I like in a restaurant, I always eat that one. Sometimes I even decide to try something else, but when the moment comes to order, I order the same old… Afraid to get disappointed and stay hungry, I guess. LOL!

Black Book Update

black book, doodles, Mandala, Ornaments

As I said in my last post, I have re-discovered my Black Book and one unfinished drawing inside. And having my new white ink to test, it was a perfect opportunity to finish it.


I loved doing the little details… This all reminds me of a stash of black paper I had somewhere… Hmmm…. I could make another Black Book… and get ready for January because I will do mu challenge again!

BTW, I am quite pleased with the ink 🙂 and if you are wondering, it’s Schmincke Aerocolor acrylic ink and I used it in a Rotring 0.5 technical pen. Colored dots are Liquid Pearls.

Black Book January

Line Art, Mandala, Mixed Media

Inspired by #carveDecember on IG I decided to do monthly challenges this year. I like the feeling of being dedicated to one technique enough time to be able to learn what works and what doesn’t. So, some time ago I bought a Derwent Black Book and prepared a plan for monthly challenge. I am using white, metallic and shimmery pens to draw ornaments. It looks nice but doesn’t photograph too well.



My next idea is to try some embossing with the stamps I carved in December. I think I will go for it tomorrow.

Week 26 Jan to 1 Feb 2015

Line Art

My first working week in this year. I did do some art, but it was really just a little. I missed the weekly lessons from Life Book 2015, but I was working a little on my monthly journal page (a large page where I will summarise the monthly achievements, just not to forget what I did and also to see that I actually did a lot because I refuse to admit it usually). Anyway, I will not post work in progress, because I really do not like how it looks for the moment :), but we are getting there. It must be done this week, otherwise it will not make much sense… For today therefore I am posting another colouring page, which I did some time ago.


Coloring page for 20 January and other updates

Line Art, Mixed Media




So, first of all here is the colouring page for this week. I did it some time ago.

2015-01-09 15.47.15

This one is a tag made for Life Book 2015 Week 2. It is done with acrylics, water soluble crayons, glitter glue, white gel pen and one of my art journal page photos, all glued with gel medium. I never made tags before, so this was kind of first time. Not bad, quite fun, just cannot see the use of them.

Photo 14-01-15 12 53 11

And finally my attempt at Week 3 lesson in Life Book 2015. I had much fun with the letters and lots of trouble with the flower, but finally it turned out nice. Done with water soluble crayons, black ink marker, Faber Castell pit pen and white paint marker.

Coloring Page 12 January

Line Art, Mixed Media, video


So, that was a new colouring page for this week. I have been quite busy, starting the Life Book 2015 and doing two lessons for it. I am quite proud of the Beacon of Light that I made for Week 1:

Week 1 Beacon of light

I think she is really cute. I know that I should have done more work on her eyes and face, but knowing my lack of patience, I am really happy I managed this much. It is quite large – 25.5 x 35.5 cm, so VERY large for me, doing my stuff usually on A5 size.

I did post a couple of videos on Youtube last week (it was a very productive week, no wonder since I am on holiday and using each free moment to create something). I will link to one of the videos here (the most beautiful one :)) It is me colouring one of my pages, which I really do not do often I must admit [blush].