Book of Days Update: Week 38

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media

Ok, I am in a Book of Days mood this week. I finished Week 38 yesterday:


Used acrylics and hot glue gun stencil for background, star stencils and heart mask (which I cut from paper) in the foreground. I colored the stars with Sakura Glaze pen in yellow, added black lines with Edding black paint marker and Uni-Ball Eye black pen, and white details with Edding white paint marker and Rotring 0.5 pen with acrylic ink.

It was quick and easy. I think I will try to do one more today! Have a good Wednesday you all!

Book of Days Update: Week 40

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media

Finally, I felt inspired to dive into Book of Days. I missed most of the course, but that’s ok. I will catch up eventually, I think 🙂


This is Week 40. Done with acrylics, sakura glaze pen in black, Faber Castell Pitt markers in red and yellow, Edding paint marker in black and white acrylic ink in my Rotring 0.5 pen. The little bubbles in the leaves is stencil by Tim Holtz and the big bubbles around is stencil by me 🙂

I really enjoyed this and I can see that there are more lessons of this type in BOD, so off I go to start another one! Have a nice Tuesday!


Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

Think, she says to herself, but do not overthink stuff. Collage, acrylic, modelling paste, watercolor on hot pressed watercolor paper.


And see her in the making:

Ornaments in my Art Journal

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media, Ornaments

This is a new thing. I always loved ornaments of all sorts and some months ago I bought a book called The World of Ornament. For me, it’s pure magic to browse through the book. I could do it for hours. I used some ideas to do several stencils that I cut recently. If you remember, I was kind of out of inspiration lately and art making was really slow and painful. One day this week I was just doing a simple colorful background in my journal and suddenly I was struck with an idea: why not try something ornamental on top?! This is the result:


I am really happy with how it looks. I am also happy because I used my water based markers and got some beautiful bleeding when mixed with white paint. Pure bliss… This was finished yesterday and today I already started a new one 🙂 Good bye art block! I know what to do now and I am again looking forward to sitting at my painting desk in the morning.

I can trust…

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media

It’s a big thing for me to trust people… no matter that I understand  how important it is for a relationship… I seem to ruin them all with lack of trust. I am trying… more nervous doodles for today and more affirmation. I can trust… all is under control…

Beautiful sunny day… do people trust me?


It’s not what you think

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media

These days I am thinking about perception of reality and how we all have our unique representation of what reality is and how it is really strange that we will never know how it is that another person feels and perceives what is. And then… it’s not real what you think is real and you will never know what real actually is…

More meaningless doodling because I am restless and unfocused and uninspired…

And happy  Easter to all 🙂


Now is time for something else

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media, stencil cutting

We have to set our priorities, right? And self-care is currently my number one. My mood is strange but bright colors help and messy pages seem to reflect my state of mind and emotions. That is how it should be. That’s what art journals are for…

I cut a new stencil yesterday (white flowers on the spread). I am out of transparencies have to go shopping today…



Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, stencil cutting

What else to call it?! I am very good at it… Hell no! I am excellent. I hate myself for wasting time and for delaying things I don’t enjoy doing and sometimes I don’t enjoy anything. Like these days… I’ve become too fat and realised that if I do not pull myself together, it is going to be totally out of control. It’s not out of control yet :). So, I have started a diet from Monday and it is supposed to last for 7 weeks in which I need to lose 7 kilograms which should bring me to my ideal weight. So, do I have to say that I am bit on edge since Monday? And that things are even harder to do than usual? Right… I had fun creating my “Food Mood and Diet Diary”. I’ve cut a few stencils. I almost did zero journaling since Monday.

Anyway… Life goes on, diet or no diet… And this is what I created since last time I posted:


This one is done for Life Book 2016. Fun and easy with watercolour pencil and watercolours.


Then I cut this little stencil and tried using watercolour on it. It was good. I covered it later with gel medium as I intend to work on top of it. It smeared just a little…


This one I really like. It’s inspired by Moon Child from Never Ending Story. They say she had white hair and golden eyes… anyway this is what came to me. I used my new stencil in the background and oil pastel on top. The effect is quite nice plus I have blisters on my fingers from smearing the oil pastel on top of modelling paste. Ouch!


Finally, this I started today. It’s a new lesson in Life Book 2016. I was feeling so uninspired this morning, but I tried to follow the instructions from the lesson and it worked. The colors made me almost ecstatic with joy. I was amazed. Art is truly healing, people!