#carveDecember Flip Through

Stamp Carving, video

And here are all 31 stamps that I carved during the 31 days of December:

I am very happy I did not miss a single day and I did not run out of ideas 🙂
It seems that actually it is not possible to run out of ideas when you are drawing snowflakes, they are such an amazing subject, so many combinations, go with simple chapes and you cannot go wrong.

Here is also the video showing all the stamps and prints I made:

Life Book 2016: Flip Through

Art Journal, Mixed Media, video

Yesterday I bound my Life Book for 2016. This is the first time I did it – last year my papers were too large and I gave it up. Even though I promised to do all LB lessons this year, I did not keep my promise, but I think I did really well, because I skipped only a few and did not finish four of them (there is still chance for doing them, as they are in the journal just waiting for me). Anyway, I recorded a short video:

The year is coming to its end and I am slowly closing up open projects (which can be closed), cleaning my craft space, making big plans for 2017, considering which courses to take, thinking about my word for the year…

Today is a beautiful sunny day – it snowed last night just enough to make trees and paths in the park beautiful. We went for a light walk and now it’s back to editing videos and finishing some other art stuff.

Have a wonderful Thursday people!

She Thinks Positive: Video

Art Journal, Colored Pencils, She thinks positive journal, video, Watercolor

Just a quick one… This is girl number 43 in my journal. I did not post 40-42 yet, but as I recorded a video of this one, let it be her today:

Watercolor Doodle Time: Video

Art Journal, doodles, Mixed Media, video, Watercolor

Lately I’ve been obsessed with watercolor and ink doodles like this one:


I did it today, recorded it and video is now processing as I write this. I did upload to my shop on Redbubble, have a look, it’s really cool.

There is another one that I did yesterday. Here’s the video of the process. Unfortunately the painting part of the video is lost by some funny glitch in my video processing program, so you can see only the doodle part. Today’s video seems to be complete and it will be up  later today.

Post-Migraine Musings

Musings About Stuff

I seem to be fine today. Except feeling a bit shaky and sad, but it may have nothing to do with anything that happened previously. Actually, it has everything to do with at least something that happened, otherwise it would not be happening. Do you know what I mean? No? Never mind. I did finish something in my Play Journal this morning, but I did not take a photo. Instead I recorded a small video for Instagram, and I will try to insert it here, not sure if it will work, let’s see…

It’s not working in the preview, maybe it will work in the real view, maybe not, bear with me. I think it’s not my fault, I am pretty good with computers but this WordPress application has a  mind of its own.

The weather is nice and sunny and it’s been really beautiful the whole week. Alas, I am office-based, so I can only admire it from inside and with the migraine going on for four days I didn’t do even that. I did not go for my morning run this morning, because I was afraid that the migraine might come back. And I needed the rest. Instead I doodled a bit longer this morning while drinking my coffee and it felt really good. I love my mornings.

I had this sudden idea while I was driving to work today that I could open a Redbubble or Society6 profile and see if I can get some audience for my stuff. Actually I was thinking how cool it would be if I could get some of my doodles on a t-shirt or pencil case, or pillow case, or some such thing. So, maybe I will get something going next week when I get to the scanner and properly scan stuff, because photos that I am taking are not really well taken. Let me stay with that idea for a little while. Maybe… Maybe it’s just a migraine after effect and it will pass. It would not be the first time.

I also finally get the idea how to finish the huge canvas I started months ago on my mother’s request. Oh, I am so bad with producing ‘useful’ art. I easily fill the journals and notebooks, but when it comes to actually purposefully producing something to really hang on a wall, I am useless. So, I have this idea: I already did the background and was thinking about doing some doodle flowers on top, but somehow could not decide how exactly I want them. So, related to the previous idea of scanning and printing my doodles, I thought maybe I could use the prints to make a collage on top of that big canvas. I think it might look cool. So, I am definitely scanning those pages next week and printing them the week after, and then I will see how they look and decide.

And I also need to continue playing catch-up with my courses. I decided that I will stick to Life Book and Vitamin Sea because they are the most important. I will download Ever After lessons for some time later. After I finish the Vitamin Sea, I will concentrate on BOD 2016, which was totally neglected. Oh, yes, and I already downloaded the Art Journal Summer School 2016 and I will do it next year in January to make winter more bearable. Does it sound like a plan to you? And no shopping for courses until Christmas. After that I will buy Life Book 2017. But that’s allowed, right?

So… If you read until here, thanks for your effort. If you lost me somewhere along the way, I don’t blame you. Regular arting broadcast will resume tomorrow 🙂


Art Journal, black book, doodles, Mandala

Another update from the Black Book:


These things are hard to photograph… I applied a filter on IG so it looks quite ok. I remember my frustration with this from January. Maybe I should try with a real camera and real photo editing software. Maybe the phone is not really the best solution here.

Anyway, you get the idea… I used sakura metallic gel pens, sakura white glaze pen and acrylic ink for fine details. I really like this one… Think I may frame it one day 🙂

Here’s a little video I posted in IG too. I tried to film the white part, but it was even more out of focus than this 🙂


World Watercolor Month: Day 16

ATC, Faces, video, Watercolor

Today was my travelling day, so I am exhausted and ready for bed after sharing this with you. Yesterday I did some watercolor mixing experiment that went wrong on two ATCs and almost on the third one as well. The third turned out pretty nice after all, I made some mud, but actually I like it because it has a rusty old feeling to it and if you look closely the colors are really beautiful.


The two failures, I gessoed over and today I painted on top of the gesso. I love how gesso gives texture under the watercolor and how one can see the layer below. Gesso helped that the first layer of watercolor does not bleed through to the second. I may do this on purpose in future 🙂


I think this one might be my favourite… I am quite in love with her.

And, of course, the video:

World Watercolor Month: Day 15

ATC, video, Watercolor

I had a busy day, but not so much doing art as with other things that needed my attention. So, I have only one ATC to show you which I did yesterday. I did another one today, but forgot to take a photo, and now it’s dark and it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I also have a video from yesterday for you! Surprise, surprise, it’s a seahorse!