Mermaid Face

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Vitamin Sea continues. One more big challenge : stencils with watercolor sprays for background which didn’t really work. Jane used pastel paper and I used rough watercolor paper which seems to be too absorbent. I sprayed and sprayed and made almost muddy mess.

Then came drawing with soft pastel… turned face I think my second ever… there was lots of suffering but pastel is very forgiving… so it finally worked and I am totally happy with her.

I love this course! It’s so far the best of all art courses I’ve ever taken. 

Mermaid Rhythm

Art Journal, Mixed Media, Watercolor

Vitamin Sea course is very good, I admit. It’s very challenging for me and I learn things. I’ve worked on the kind of bonus lesson for two days. It would have been piece of cake if I knew how to draw full body, but I did not. So, after an hour of just drawing two mermaids in movement (preceded by many exercises), I was finally happy with how they looked. I had to stop though because I felt exhausted! So today was just painting and shading with color pencils. I am not sure if they are finished, but I am leaving them for the time being. Maybe I will go back to them at some point later…



Coursework Update

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, Watercolor

As I said, after the world watercolor month, I have big plans on doing my course work. I am trying to keep up with the Life Book. I have to say that I am doing fine. I skipped one lesson which I definitely did not like, and I started and did not finish three more, but that’s ok. This week I did two lessons that I really liked and that were quick and easy. Perfect! Here they are:


One new course that I started is the Vitamin Sea with Jane Davenport. I did not plan on taking any more classes, but as this one was all about the watercolors, figure drawing and sea creatures (including seahorses :)))) I decided that it is what I really need at this moment. Up until now we made our journals out of various sorts of watercolor paper and made the ‘tide lines’. This is how it looks:


Did you spot the seahorse? 🙂 It is going to be exciting, I am sure.

My Ever After course is not going so well. I felt very intimidated by a third lesson which required really elaborate face and hand painting in acrylic and I could not start it at all… The fourth lesson was by Jane Davenport, consisting of three parts. I finished part one:


I thought I already posted this here, but I am not sure any longer. Anyway, you will forgive me if I did. I started the second part of the lesson this week and will hopefully finish it tomorrow. It is going quite slowly in this course because the lessons are quite difficult and videos are very long. They are downloadable however, so I should take it easy.

So, that’s about it for today. I plan barbecue for dinner and can hardly wait 🙂 Wish you a good day!