World Watercolor Month: Days 30 and 31

ATC, Watercolor

I finished the challenge two days ago and today I am sharing my last ATC. I am also adding a lesson from Life Book with Jane Davenport which fits nicely because it’s done in watercolors. Here they are:



I’ll have to try to catch up with all the course work until end of my holiday. Well, not all, because that will not be possible, but the main things… Ah well… I have to stop buying courses šŸ™‚

World Watercolor Month: Days 27-29

Art Journal, ATC, Faces, Watercolor

Finally I am back to normal. It’s rainy and cool and I can sleep again. The only thing that I miss about the seaside is my early morning swim. But a good night sleep is much more appreciated.

So, today I actually finished the last of my 31 ATCs, thereforeĀ I have accomplished my challenge. I will save that one to post tomorrow though because it’s still drying.

Today I am posting my work done over the past couple days of my seaside holiday. One is an ATC done with only two colors and the other one a larger piece done in my 5×8 Strathmore journal. Here they are:



World Watercolor Month: Days 24-26

ATC, Watercolor

It’s my last day of seaside holiday and I am so happy to go home tomorrow and so looking forward to peaceful and cool nights in which I will actually sleep. I’ve been doing my ATCs every day, so here are the three for today:


World Watercolor Month: Days 19-23

ATC, Watercolor

I am on holiday in Croatia and the weather is so terribly hot that it’s hard to do anything. I did paint an ATC Ā and some other things every day but it’s far from satisfying because of course I had big plans for holidays… I can hardly wait to go back to the continent. The seaside without an air conditioner is definitely not for me. Besides, my internet is rather slow and it’s driving me crazy because it’s taking ages to upload photos. Anyway…Ā Enough complaints šŸ™‚

Here are three ATCs I did in the past three days:


These all started as partly stencilled backgrounds for some future ATCs, so I decided to use them now. It was quite fun to work with watercolors on top of modelling paste and then continue around it in the same pattern, so in the first and the second oneĀ it’s hard to see where the modelling paste stops and my shapes continue. Stencils are quite a solution if you are out of ideas of if the heat melted your wits… šŸ™‚

World Watercolor Month: Days 17 and 18

ATC, Watercolor

Ok… I had a major emotional break-down and missed a post or two I think. Anyway, life goes on and I keep painting because that’s keeping me…Ā No, I should not say sane,Ā because that I am definitely not. It’s keeping me going. Yes, that’s the word.

There was a small bundleĀ of happiness waiting for me in the office yesterday morning:


I am really happy to get these. I never had a Strathmore journal before. I also never had Daniel Smith watercolors. I also bought 12 empty half pans and filled them last night and placed them in my Schmincke box, which conveniently came with 12 half pans of their basic colors and empty spaceĀ for 12 more of my choice. How great is that!?

So last night I tried some of the Daniel Smith colors. Here’s the ATC I made:


They are very colorful and rich and I will definitely love them. I haven’t tried them on my new journal yet. But I am going on holiday in a few days, and taking it all with me. Oh boy!

The second ATC I made the day before, but I was too emotionally knocked-out that I did not post it anywhere until this morning. Of course, the mood shows well:


World Watercolor Month: Day 16

ATC, Faces, video, Watercolor

Today was my travelling day, so I am exhausted and ready for bed after sharing this with you. Yesterday I did some watercolor mixing experiment that went wrong on two ATCs and almost on the third one as well. The third turned out pretty nice after all, I made some mud, but actually I like it because it has a rusty old feeling to it and if you look closely the colors are really beautiful.


The two failures, I gessoed over and today I painted on top of the gesso. I love how gesso gives texture under the watercolor and how one can see the layer below. Gesso helped that the first layer of watercolor does not bleed through to the second. I may do this on purpose in future šŸ™‚


I think this one might be my favourite… I am quite in love with her.

And, of course, the video:

World Watercolor Month: Day 15

ATC, video, Watercolor

I had a busy day, but not so much doing art as with other things that needed my attention. So, I have only one ATC to show you which I did yesterday. I did another one today, but forgot to take a photo, and now it’s dark and it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I also have a video from yesterday for you! Surprise, surprise, it’s a seahorse!



World Watercolor Month: Days 13 and 14

ATC, Faces, video, Watercolor

I spent lots of time doing the lesson for Ever After, but I did not miss a day of watercolor. ATCs are quick and I need around 30 minutes to do one. This is perfect to get my daily dose of color and flow therapy! So, here is what I did:


This is ATC No. 14. Again a little intuitive face. I was so in love with the greens and blues that all my pieces in past two days were in this color combo. I did not use any yellow – what appears yellow is actually sap green.


ATC NO. 15. Same colors with a bit of gold. Ahhh…Ā Makes my heart sing! I filmed this one, here’s the video:


And finally, because I was so excited about the seahorse that I made in my Ever After lesson, I had to try one more which is a bit closer to my current style. It started beautifully, but last night I just screwed it up with the dark frame, so I am really not happy with it.


This is a larger 5×7 cold pressed fabriano artistico paper. I really like this paper. So, that’s it. Of course, I started a new seahorse today, in different color combination and this time without the frame… You will see him soon.

World Watercolor Month: Days 11 and 12

Art Journal, Faces, Watercolor

As I hinted yesterday, here come two darker pieces. These are not ATCs but they are anyway small, only 5″x7″ or 12.5 x 18 cm. What to say…Ā You start painting intuitively and sooner or later ugly things will come up. If you listen, you will hear. And don’t be surprised. This is what you wereĀ seeking for. This is healing through art. Be strong.