World Watercolor Month Days 1-3

So, I undertook one more challenge, in addition to Life Book, Book of Days, ICAD, Art Journal Summer School and Ever After… But it was too tempting to miss. So I decided to do an ATC a day and up until now it’s been a success. I mean doing them. They are not so pretty, but here is my chance to improve. 27 days to go, I must learn something, right? Anyway, this will be a busy week, and I already decided that there will be some abstract watercolors on my ATCs this week, but the three I am showing you today are not, Here they are:


The first one is just an imaginary leaf. I used some gold leaf and modelling paste in the background. The second one is a peach, which does not look very much like a peach, but that’s fine. Practice is what counts.


The next day I decided that maybe I should stick to other objects that may be easier… so I painted another eye:


I like the previous one better. I think I am using too much paint, somehow the strokes are too bold. I will need to water down the paint a bit next time 🙂

So that’s it for the first three days. I did also some ICAD project and recorded a couple videos last week. I will post those tomorrow.



3 responses to “World Watercolor Month Days 1-3”

  1. Isn’t wonderful to be adding more to our full plate? 🙂 I love every ATC you did. They’re all beautiful. I am a fan of drawing eyes and yes I agree with you, I also love the first eye. Looking forward to what you share for the next 27 days. Exciting times ahead! 😀 ❤

  2. Wow! You are a creative powerhouse. I was very tempted by the Ever After course but aside from finances I knew my time couldn’t stretch to a third set course. I will live vicariously through you. I really love your leaf painting. I love the shapes and textures and the flashes of gold in the green. I also find the peach really pleasing in the colour and texture. It looks like one of those pancake peaches. I agree your first eye was better but your second one is still good.

    • Oh, I am so glad you like my peach. Yes, it was one of those funny shaped ones… And for the eye, I think the reason why it was not so nice was that I was in a hurry and did not give it as much time as I did the first one… So there is something to learn… Ever After seems to be a real challenge. It started as very deep and demanding, but that’s what I was hoping for. I think it will be available later on as well, so you can take (I will let you know if it’s worth it 😉

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