Today’s page. Some unusual color pallet for me, I kind of like it 😊. We went to Austria yesterday for some shopping because they allow puppies to shops. We had great time. Lola enjoyed the crowd and cuddles she got on the way. She also pooped once in front of one shop but all went well, meaning it was easily scoopable 😬


And here’s the other page that I started two days ago. Finished.

Lola is fine. I am tired and sleepy but had to get up at 5.30 am because of her tiny bladder… We will drive to Graz today. Austrians allow dogs in shopping centers so we made some small plans to visit a few shops there and see how Lola takes it…


And another day missed for no reason. I just forgot 🙁. Here’s the photo from yesterday:

I finished one of the pages I was working on. Lola had diarrhea in the morning because she ate something outside. It’s hard to keep her from picking up stuff, she is like a vacuum these days and I just run after her and shout ‘no’.


No art today. We had a sleepless night as Lola had diarrhea. In the morning we took Mother to the dentist and waited for her in the car. Lola was supposed to go to daycare but that didn’t go as planned. She is on diet, I am resting. We are taking it easy and hoping for a better night…