• November 2022

    It’s really funny that even monthly posting did not work, so next year I might switch to one post annually, LOL… how difficult could that be? Probably VERY, knowing me. Anyway… just read a couple of latest posts and must say things did not change much. I still don’t know where I am going with…

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  • March 2022

    Ok, yes, it’s April, but that’s ok: I am just a day late and anyway nobody’s reading. I got well again and all is fine. My sewing education is going well. I bought myself an overlock and cover stitch machine and I manage to thread it, which is apparently a great achievement, as most people…

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  • February 2022

    So, it’s the last day of February, I almost missed my monthly post. LOL… The thing is, I’ve been sick for three days now, having a cold which I got who knows how despite all masking and sanitizing. Anyway, hoping it will not develop into something nasty, I am laying low and pretending that all…

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  • January 2022

    Hello. Long time no post, right? So, I have tried daily post, did not work, then I have tried weekly post, did not work. Now obviously it’s time to try monthly post. Twelve posts a year, that should be feasible even for myself, right? Let’s see… I have been doing art in the past six…

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  • 13-14/2021


    It’s hard. I missed a post last week because I simply did not feel like sharing. I still don’t. But then I remind myself that I also do it for myself, to remember what I did and how it felt, so here we are. I was busy at work. I did some art. I missed…

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  • 12/2021


    So very late with this post. No time. Too much work. I made three patterns and started a collage on the cover of my altered book journal. And that’s all. Too tired even to write more. Hoping for more time… which probably won’t happen soon…

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