Eye in Watercolor

Getting ready for the World Watercolor Month… I thought I would try how it’s going to work, because I plan to paint on ATC size paper, just to be able to do one a day. I am not sure if it will be possible even that small. I have two art courses currently running, two more starting on July 1st, ICAD challenge and now this. Ah, yes, and a full time job and part time school. And I am known to bite more than I can chew, why do you ask? Anyways… Let’s keep the spirits up! This is what I did today:


It’s my very first realistic eye in watercolor. I did have a hard time doing it, so I am rather happy that it looks anything close to a decent eye 🙂 . It took a bit more than an hour… And here’s the video if you are curious to see how I suffered.

I think I do not like hot pressed paper… It’s quite unforgiving. I will try with cold pressed next time.

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