I am a simple person in my 50s, or at least trying to be, simple that is. I have a job that is not fulfilling, and loads of ‘hobbies’ which fill the emptiness, or should I rather say overflow it. At a certain less peaceful time of my life, when I was rather unhappy, I decided to start searching for meaning – surprise, surprise – and I am sure I found something. I do not think about it as meaning any more, as my sarcastic nature simply can’t accept that I found it. I rather like to say that there is no meaning to my life, but rather only this simple existence in the current moment and my endless effortless effort to make it happy and enjoyable as much as possible.

So, some ten years ago, when I was unhappy and restless and thought that there is nothing in life that could possible change the way I feel, somehow instinctively I started looking for things which bring moments of fulfilment, forgetfulness, and  peacefulness. That is how I found drawing, painting, writing, photography, cooking, paper crafting and holistic healing. Over the last ten years I have done all that, one after the other or all at the same time. Looking at all of those one by one, there is really not much that I have achieved, but looking in the whole of it, it seems pretty impressive, concerning that majority of my waking hours are spent doing work that feeds me and just a fraction of it doing things that make me really happy. The main thing, however, is that I have found what I was looking for: my inner peace and happiness. Maybe I should call it a meaning, but I do not care how it’s called. It is what I was looking for.

This blog started as a colouring book because at that time there was not much of other things worth showing to the world. Over the time, however, it became more and more of an art journal and mixed media. That is ok. It’s not a business, it’s an account of my creative life. I go back sometimes and read my old posts and feel happy. All is good.

Update sometime in 2020: Nowadays, I am trying to make a shift towards making a small business out of this. There is so much art collected over years and I think some of it deserves to be used in some way. So I started exploring surface pattern design. I took a course and learned how to make patterns in Illustrator and Photoshop. I started shops on Society 6 and Spoonflower. I am learning something new and exciting. I am grateful to have a job that brings money and still leaves me with enough time to pursue what I love. I hope that one day I will quit it and be able to live from income my art brings. Not there yet, but I am enjoying the journey.

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