Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Larisa and I am a printmaker, mixed media artist, illustrator and designer. I am a dog mom and a creator of many things. I love colors and combining simple shapes into repeat patterns. I sew simple clothes, usually from textiles I designed, and I make my own cosmetics and use food, herbs and essential oils to keep my family healthy.

Follow my journey on my blog – I write sporadically, while I am slowly building my web site. I also work full time, a job that has nothing to do with art, it pays my bills and buys me art supplies for which I am really grateful. For that reason my website is developing very slowly, but I am determined to get it done and I believe that step by step I will eventually get where I want to be.

January 2022

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  1. […] was more or less healthy and well, so nothing to complain about. Today I even managed to update my ‘About’ page here on my website. And hallelujah, l managed to link it here. I find this WordPress app quite […]

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