She Thinks Positive: 28-29

It’s been raining since last night. I felt a start of a migraine when I woke up, took the pills and now seem to be more or less fine. Here is just a quick update from She Thinks Positive Journal:


These are the girls 28 and 29. These pages were gessoed before and I did not want to use my luminance pencils on them, so I skipped them and did the next two pages first and then went back to these two. Not so important though 🙂

I like the hair on the right one. Actually, not much of a hair, but I like the… Stuff… I think I will do more of this type. I quite suffered with the shading on her face, somehow I couldn’t get the chin part right I almost gave up and gessoed over, but I managed to pull it together and make her presentable.

3 responses to “She Thinks Positive: 28-29”

  1. Your struggle showed and that’s perfectly okay! We would not learn and grow without these flaws, don’t we? I think she has embraced her flaws and is now a woman of influence.

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