ICAD update

Even though the challenge officially finished end of July I am still doing it. I was very much thrown out of my everyday art practice by the house move. I still did make art almost every day but there was not enough time to make one card a day. Besides, the 100 day challenge was still ongoing when ICAD started so it was so hard to keep up. Anyway enough talking. Here are some of the recent cards:

Watercolor meditation 001

I suck at naming paintings. So let me start numbering them from 001. After the initial 100 whimsical watercolors or watercolor meditations, here I go from beginning.

Actually good news is a good soul from Instagram bought this one from me. For real. So this is my first sold painting. Happy day 😊

ICAD 28/61

There is also this challenge of making an Index Card A Day. I am very much behind this year, what with moving house and all. The challenge is ending today and I am only at 28 of 61. But never mind. I am having fun with these little ones-they are quick, easy and forgiving. And I get to use my alcohol markers and dimensional paint and sakura gel pens. 😊💗