This is going to be a very short one. I am not in the mood. I was too busy at work this past week, so I did almost nothing. Just a bit every day but not much in total. So today I am posting two videos and one pattern.

I drew this over two weeks, bit by bit and was fighting with turning it into pattern for a long time because I wanted to do it on iPad and Procreate was misbehaving and I would spend ages and then end up with a dreaded white hairline and several times so. Finally this morning I accidentally learned that Adobe Fresco can now make a pattern with help of Adobe Capture and it worked like charm as you see, and I could even get a half-drop repeat. Cool. Not that I am going to use this one for anything, but it was fun.

Here’s the video of the drawing:

And the, another video, just for fun:

Otherwise, I am exploring ways to use Adobe Portfolio for my web site, because it may be easier than WordPress and it’s free with my subscription. Then I got dragged into Behance and saw so many professional looking portfolios and projects that I lost any desire to enter in there with my funny little nothingness. So that’s the story of the week. I am keeping away from Instagram as much as I can, but obviously now I should also keep away from Behance. Luckily I have not posted anything yet there…

I am worried about everything and everyone, which is nothing new. I do not see where this world is going, except to hell maybe. I am desperately looking for peace and sanity, but they are nowhere to be found.

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