It was a busy week and a busy weekend. I missed to write my post yesterday, so I am doing it now on Monday morning before I go to chiropractor. I was working this week on a drawing for the next Spoonflower challenge which is themed Rococo. I am so very impressed by those enormous dresses and hairdos, wondering how much time women spent on dressing and making themselves presentable. What a strange age and fashion! Here’s my entry:

It took ages to draw, but I am really happy with it.

And that’s all. I did not do anything else, only started drawing another dancer figure because I really enjoyed this one, so I would like to try another one. I am learning more about Fresco and I really love it. I was also researching Behance and Adobe Portfolio because I realized I would definitely need to make a portfolio sooner or later. Today a new Immersion course is starting. I hope there will be some instruction on Illustrator for iPad.

Weatherwise, I think the spring is slowly coming, we are having nice sunny weather and for a few days it was really very warm, but now it’s more like it should be. I met with the gardener and discussed upcoming works. They will come this week to start – one tree needs moving to another place, the big tree needs trimming, raised beds need finishing and so on. I am so much looking forward to all plants and grass starting to grow. It was a long ugly winter.

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