February 2022

So, it’s the last day of February, I almost missed my monthly post. LOL…

The thing is, I’ve been sick for three days now, having a cold which I got who knows how despite all masking and sanitizing. Anyway, hoping it will not develop into something nasty, I am laying low and pretending that all is fine. Hard thing is sleeping with blocked nose of all things cold related that is the hardest.

As for the art: I was really regular on my printing Instagram account – posted every day since 1st December. Currently I am doing the 100 day challenge – nothing special, just posting a print every day for 100 days. I started carving lino again and did several prints. Here are the two I like the most:

HOUSES part of my 100 day challenge
FLOWERS part of my 100 day challenge

I also fixed my sewing machine and started a course on Domestika and already did my first sewing project – a drawstring bag, which I made out of two pieces of fabric I used for trying out fabric printing. Turned out ok, nothing really to be proud of, so I am not showing a photo. I am really glad that I started sewing. It was on my list for last year, but it did not happen. So yeah!

Somebody bought a roll of wallpaper in my Spoonflower shop! I really didn’t expect that, but hey! So I decided to put some more effort into updating it, especially now when I can actually use the fabric I am making. I created five new patterns. Waiting for five more and I will order test prints.

On the private front, it was LIli’s birthday end of January and then mine beginning of February. I bought a coffee machine for myself and we are happily caffeinated since then. I got promoted at work, which came together with a nice salary raise, even though my job is not very fulfilling, this will help bring more meaning to the whole thing. Thinking about art supplies and stuff, of course.

Although I make effort not to write about politics and society, I really do hope that the war will not spread to Europe. I’ve seen one and I do not wish to see one more. Here’s to a better March!

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