November 2022

It’s really funny that even monthly posting did not work, so next year I might switch to one post annually, LOL… how difficult could that be? Probably VERY, knowing me.

Anyway… just read a couple of latest posts and must say things did not change much. I still don’t know where I am going with this. And it looks like I have too many interests and too little time and probably nothing will ever come out of everything except that I will have fun and keep learning and creating. And is that bad? I would think no.

So, let me think what happened while I was not writing my monthly blog posts…. I bought a house on the lake. Had some money, needed to invest, this was close, only 130km from the house and it was new and we liked it, so now it’s ours. I ordered a fence and car gate and now waiting, I mean still waiting, since July or August, don’t remember. Hoping it will get delivered soon.

There was another kitchen shopping in Ikea, now I had much more experience and hopefully did better than the last time. The house is small and the kitchen is cute. And I love the whole place and hope to spend many nice moments there.

Then Mama got sick with shingles. It was short but painful and now it’s over and I hope she will be fine. We traveled to Croatia and we are spending two weeks here. The weather was great and very worm. Then it was raining for two days and now it’s sunny and warm again. We mostly love it here, meeting friends and enjoying long solitary walks. It’s mostly great this time of year. Except the people and lots of primitivism that we cannot stand, but hey, it’s just for holidays and luckily we don’t have to stay if it gets too much.

Lili was really ill from April to July, having terrible itchiness, which finally ended with food intolerance test that mostly showed nothing, because I am sure they switched her sample with Lola’s. So after many phone calls and fruitless discussions, I just made one red list out of two and no dog received anything on the two lists and it did the trick. They both feel much better.

I learned to sew. I am still a beginner and a messy one for that, but I made couple things for myself and I wear them and it makes me happy. Then I took a course in natural cosmetics making, and loved it. Currently I am taking a course in essential oils safety and loving that too. Some months ago I stopped posting on Instagram and that turned out to be a really good decision. It was making me unhappy because I could not get enough exposure and that was really killing my creativity. Besides, all the reels that they forced people to make were spoiling my feed with too much movement, which made me very anxious when looking at it, so I just stopped. It was easy, because it stopped being enjoyable.

So, it was a very busy and stressful year and I feel it. I am tired and nervous and have no wish to do anything until spring. Have no money anyway, LOL… My plan is now to calm down, do some house decorating and try to make space for more art. And to write blog… who knows, now I am rid of Instagram, this may get revived. No promises, though. I am anyway just writing for myself, which is a good reason to continue, because I really enjoy looking back to the old posts.

Girls in Croatia

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