March 2022

Ok, yes, it’s April, but that’s ok: I am just a day late and anyway nobody’s reading. I got well again and all is fine. My sewing education is going well. I bought myself an overlock and cover stitch machine and I manage to thread it, which is apparently a great achievement, as most people just give up and never use their machine, which I really cannot understand. Yes, this machine needs to be converted and rethreaded very often, but in comparison to what you get when you use it, it’s really worth the time and effort. There are videos on YouTube for each type of threading, and I watch them reverently.

I ordered my new fabrics from Spoonflower. Here’s a photo of some of them – those that are based on one of the stamps I carved recently:

Fabric based on stamp I carved.

And I already used it for making this beanie:

Beanie I sew for myself

I made some other things, hand warmers that did not really turned out very well, because I made two right ones, lol… and some place mats out of some other fabric samples, those were easy and look great. Only I did not take photos of those.

On Instagram I continued my 100 day challenge, but mostly played with old stamps and new ways of printing them:

Some new patterns from old stamps…

I did several Lino prints which mostly did not turn well. I tried new ink – Caligo safe wash. It did not improve my printing skills. In thinking what to do with so many misprints, I started making collages. Here’s what I did:

Print collage 1
Print collage 2

So, this was how I spent my March. Going into April and looking forward to learning new things…

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