January 2022

Hello. Long time no post, right? So, I have tried daily post, did not work, then I have tried weekly post, did not work. Now obviously it’s time to try monthly post. Twelve posts a year, that should be feasible even for myself, right? Let’s see…

I have been doing art in the past six months, not too much of it or not as much as I would have liked, but nevertheless. I made almost a year long break on my printing account on Instagram because I was intimidated by other people’s good work. That was a new feeling for me. Also, I started counting likes and followers, which was also very unpleasant thing to do. So, I decided to give it a break and see. That was in February 2021. I returned on December 1st to participate in #carvedecember challenge and I had a good time. I continued to post every day since then. I did a lot of quick carves on plastic erasers and that was very relaxing and carefree activity, and then I did even more prints by combining and overlapping those blocks. Such as this one:

I also decided that it’s time to get myself a printing press. I opted for woodzilla press because they are truly beautiful to look at unlike most others that look really terrible. It arrived before Christmas and I tried it several times already. It’s working really well and will be extremely valuable when it comes to printing lino carvings. Here it is:

During my long break from printing and Instagram, I spent a lot of time thinking what I want to do with my web site and managed to come up with a rather clear picture, so I started restructuring it again. I want to make space for the diversity of my art, because that is who I am. I like to do many things and I do not see why I have to limit myself because I would like to perfect just one and gain certain group of followers and make a business out of it. It could be nice, but maybe it’s just not for me. So I will just continue to do what feels right. At this moment it’s experimental printmaking, digital collage, digital illustrations in Fresco and occasional coloring page to offer on my web site. I also plan to do some sewing and fabric printing and to update my online shops.

Here are two more photos of things I did in January:

Digital collage in FRESCO
Block printing on a T-shirt

In private domain, things are mostly the same, the only exception being Lili:

Lili the puppy

Lili is now almost one year old. She came to us on 30 April 2021. She is gentle, soft and adorable and has brought much joy and stability to our lives. She is helping Lola overcome her timidity and anxiety, she is also helping me calm down and be a better human to both of them.

That’s it. Have a good month, until I, hopefully, write again.

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