Week 21-25 January 2015

I think I will need to separate colouring pages from mixed media, so today I will do just a review of what I did last week, and as i did not do any line art, I will leave that to tomorrow. This has been a pretty exciting and colourful week.

First I did a piece for Life Book 2015, which is supposed to represent a dancer on a high rope, with the text: Courage Dear Heart. I had quite a fun with this. Found 500 muffin cups when I was cleaning the kitchen and the idea struck me to use them to make the skirt for my ballerina.

Photo 22-01-15 14 12 26

Then I finished another thing for Life Book 2015, which is a jar of awesome. The goal was to decorate a jar in which to collect notes with nice memories from this year. No notes yet in the jar, because I just finished it and was a bit lazy to write the notes… but it will happen.

Photo 24-01-15 11 24 38

I used a napkin with a bicycle and Eiffel Tower, saying Love  Peace and Happiness, quite right for the jar of awesome. This is the lid, painted with acrylics and with a die cut flower and a half-bead as flower centre.

Photo 24-01-15 11 24 58

The bicycle:

Photo 24-01-15 11 25 19

And a bit of Xmas ribbon around:

Photo 24-01-15 11 25 35

And this is another quick project this week – a notebook I will use at work for meeting notes and meeting doodles 😉 I used one of my coloured pieces (video here) and glued it to an ugly notebook cover to make it pretty and shiny:

Photo 24-01-15 11 27 04

Here’s a bit of detail. As it is painted with watercolour, I glazed it over to protect it.

Photo 24-01-15 11 27 59

And this is the back side (old napkin I used to clean my brush when painting :)). I think it looks cool.

Photo 24-01-15 11 28 07

And finally, I did this today to try out new stamps and stencils from Claritystamp. This is the completed piece.

Photo 25-01-15 12 21 54

And some details. I used die cut hearts over a large heart, because I did not like the final look of it…

Photo 25-01-15 12 22 08

It is all done on a piece of corrugated cardboard from some packaging. I covered it first with gesso and then with acrylic paints. Then I used the stencil with modelling paste and then again acrylics over the modelling paste.

Photo 25-01-15 12 22 34

The black lines are done with a pen. LOVE is a letter stamps, flowers are by Claritystamp. I also used pink and yellow glitter, Faber Castell pitt markers, and a white paint marker.

Photo 25-01-15 12 22 40 Photo 25-01-15 12 22 51 Photo 25-01-15 12 23 07

And the saddest thing is: I recorded it all on a video and when I finished and wanted to switch off my iPod I realised that it died on me somewhere around the middle, without a beep. So, there is no video 😦

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