Week 2-8 February

Not a very good week really. Mostly because on Tuesday I fell down the stairs and bumped my head really hard, so I was good for nothing for the next 3 days. I did not feel like creating anything and could not really make up for the delay on Life Book 2015 from last week. Well, that’s life.

On Friday I felt better, so I started the Week 6 lesson. Had a lot of trouble with blending those acrylics, and then used some oil pastels, which worked really well, but then when the time came to doodle over it with black and white pens, it was hell. I should have sealed it with transparent gesso, but I was too lazy, so I rather suffered and did it the hard way. So, this was not much pleasure, but I kind of like the bright colors and the doodles after all 🙂

Photo 07-02-15 08 26 02 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 23 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 32 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 39 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 45 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 49 Photo 07-02-15 08 26 57

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