Week 16-22 February 2015

This week I finished two pieces that are Life Book 2015 related. One was a lesson by Violette Clark:

Photo 19-02-15 14 00 14

My heart was not really in this one. I should have used different colors on the house, but… Ah well. It’s done. Anyway, I am kind of late with the Life Book lessons. I did not like some of them, and for others I did not have time. I guess it’s not really so important. I should have a good time, learn something new and keep doing it every week. That is what really counts 🙂

The other piece that I did is the one I really liked. Tam sent it at as Valentines present for us. I really enjoyed it. I used watercolours, Neocolor II crayons, newspapers, stamps for leaves, owl and cat. Butterflies are cut from a napkin and coloured by markers. Girl’s dress is assembled of scrapbooking paper. Stars are made with stencil and modelling paste.

Photo 23-02-15 07 54 45 Photo 23-02-15 07 54 59 Photo 23-02-15 07 55 33 Photo 23-02-15 07 55 40

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