I rarely frame my works. Mostly they are anyway done in books, meaning there is always another painting on the back side. The Black Book is different. Because of shimmery stuff, embossing  and raised paint I didn’t do another piece in the back, so it was easy to just tear it out and take it to be framed.


And the reason for doing it at all was… well it was done for someone I love because he wanted it. Enough reason to take that trip to the frame shop. I did have other three drawings done for my kitchen wall at the same time. I just need to hang them now.

It’s a horribly cold sunny Saturday morning here and my spirits are low. I’m tired and sad. I didn’t use my bright light for two days because my sleep was disturbed and I thought I would skip the light therapy for a few days. Maybe my mood is affected… maybe there are other reasons…

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