All over the place


It’s been un unsettling week. As you read in my last post, there were things to do which I didn’t like doing. And I did them all but one. BUT! They are not done because two of them  are ‘to be continued…’ because… such is life… so there is a certain feeling of accomplishment but then also a certain disappointment. Anyway… I was so unsettled that I didn’t feel like art journaling at all. Maybe it would have helped but I  just couldn’t. I went to sleep early every night… (escape, escape… ) and I woke up at 5.00 am every day. 🙂

And today I am driving to a wedding party. And being what I am, of course, I hate parties and having more than 2 people around me at one time. So the week is finishing in style… instead of relaxing I have more stress coming my way…

So… my art journal page above is just a work in progress and I will continue to work on it next week. Off to packing now… wish me luck…

2 responses to “All over the place”

  1. I feel ya totally. Sounds like you’re HSP like me. Try and enjoy the moments. You may wind up being really glad you went! That’s usually the way it works out for me. Your artwork is beautiful. Really gorgeous, Lucy.

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