Shift Your Perspective


It’s Monday and I am back from holiday. There’s a list of problems I need to solve and I feel so weak so lonely and so unable to do anything. Typical for me. Nothing is really unsolvable, I just don’t like solving things. I hate dealing with people and it all tires me to before I even start. Naturally, it’s not the problems, it’s my thinking about them that makes me miserable. The oracle said ‘Higher ground’. I need to get above the situation, shift my perspective and I will get a better overview. Ah well… I know…

That above is another piece from Life Book. I had to do hands… not too pleased with her, but it’s done. Now let’s do the same with that problem list…

5 responses to “Shift Your Perspective”

  1. Hi Lucy, I hope you find the spirit to solve the things you need to solve. And I hope you find things in this painting you do love when you return to it with fresh eyes. I rather like the bright colors and the flowers shapes radiating from this woman’s heart.
    But sometimes you have to accept that you can’t keep working on a piece. “There’s always another day” works for me most of the times when I’m not so happy with what I made. Take care!

    • I guess this is just one of those pieces where I was not completely involved, if you know what I mean… It is a lesson that I had to do because I decided I will do them all this year, no excuse. But my heart was not in it, that’s why I feel kinda ‘meh’ about it.

  2. I think you just feel swamped with the “problems” that welcomed you. Typical of when we go on a vacation and enjoyed silence. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to tackle them one by one and solve which can be solved and let go of those not requiring so much. This painting is just colorful. I love the many layers I see in her. That mandala is gorgeous and those hands… did great. Not everyone can do hands including me. Welcome to the daily grind again.

  3. Thanks Carrie! Yes… You are right, I kinda expected holiday to last forever and was pissed that there was bunch of problems waiting for me when I got back. I am slowly getting back to problem solving mode…

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