ICAD 2016: 17/61 Video

Yes… I am lazy. And I forget to blog too. But I recorded a video after a loooong time. I am doing ICAD challenge this year and enjoying it, because they are small and quickly done, and casual and colorful. Ok, this one was a bit complicated… Unfortunately, first third of the video is quite out of focus. It happens when you record your videos with Ipod 🙂

7 responses to “ICAD 2016: 17/61 Video”

  1. I enjoyed watching your process. Are you using actual index cards or did you cut watercolour paper to size? I ask because I was surprised / impressed by how much of a beating the substrate took from the watercolour. These ICAD challenges look like such fun. I might join in some day.

    • Hi Laura. It’s an index card. I put a layer of watercolor ground on it before painting, so it was possible to get a lot of watercolor on. It did keep lifting, which was a bit annoying, but all things considering it was very good. This is my first year with ICAD, I was hesitant, but now I can say I love it and considering doing smaller size for art journaling and some courses… I am pretty stressed with lack of time, and this size makes things easy to finish in short time. Sometimes it’s important :). So, do join in, I am sure you’ll like it 😀

      • Ah ha! I have never used ground so I did not think of that possibility. This year I have two online art courses on the go and am about to embark on a challenge to draw 100 faces in ink and watercolour. I think that is quite enough in the way of art projects for now but I will definitely consider the whole ICAD idea for the future.

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