World Watercolor Month Days 4-6

This is working guys! I managed not to miss a single day out of six, and actually I made two the day before yesterday. YAY! As I said, or maybe I did not, I am doing abstracts this week, because it’s my “office week” and I have not got too much time for “complicated” subjects. But it has been great fun to do these and maybe I continue with abstracts even next week. Maybe forever 😀

Anyway, here they are… The first one is red and blue ATC.


And then, as it was a happy mail day and I received some Yupo paper from my US friend, I decided that I will try it with watercolor. I was delighted. The color does not get absorbed and consequently stays bright and shiny when dry. You must try it!


And then, last night I was back to the ATCs. I used cold-pressed paper this time. I really like how it turned out. Looks like some big funky flower…


And, finally this morning, I got up at 4.55 AM eeek… So I thought it’s pure luck that makes some unexpected time for painting and blogging. I used hot-pressed paper again, and look who appeared! It looks scary to me, but what can  I do… Maybe it’s because of the early start 😀



4 responses to “World Watercolor Month Days 4-6”

  1. Holy heck, Lucy!!!! OK. Please never put the paintbrush down and keep doing these abstracts!!!! They are freaking great. Just wonderful, the last two in particular and particularly that face. Did this just happen? You weren’t trying to paint a face? It is really amazingly awesome. I hope you never stop! ❤

    • Oh, no… I wanted to paint a face, only not that one. It happens quite often that I have a certain idea and then I start painting and I get carried away in the process and something completely different appears. I am glad you liked it. It scared me a bit, as it is not a pretty face, I was thinking – what the heck is this, but I suppose it’s what it was supposed to be 😀 I think I will continue with abstracts for some time, they make me happy…

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