World Watercolor Month: Days 19-23

I am on holiday in Croatia and the weather is so terribly hot that it’s hard to do anything. I did paint an ATC  and some other things every day but it’s far from satisfying because of course I had big plans for holidays… I can hardly wait to go back to the continent. The seaside without an air conditioner is definitely not for me. Besides, my internet is rather slow and it’s driving me crazy because it’s taking ages to upload photos. Anyway… Enough complaints 🙂

Here are three ATCs I did in the past three days:


These all started as partly stencilled backgrounds for some future ATCs, so I decided to use them now. It was quite fun to work with watercolors on top of modelling paste and then continue around it in the same pattern, so in the first and the second one it’s hard to see where the modelling paste stops and my shapes continue. Stencils are quite a solution if you are out of ideas of if the heat melted your wits… 🙂

4 responses to “World Watercolor Month: Days 19-23”

  1. These are fantastic, Larisa! Love the raised look. These cards reminded me of scales of something very very old, dark and terrifying. (Please don’t mind my crazy mind. It gets like these often nowadays….) 😀

  2. Oh my. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Great idea. My wits were melted as well, and I’ve resorted to good old watercolor tricks first (add salt, add cling wrap) – which helped me along, at least for today. Your pieces are gorgeous, did I mention that? 🙂

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