Mandala for Coloring: 9 December


I drew this one on an A3 sheet of paper, so I cannot scan it, as my scanner is A4. I hope it will print well from the photo, if someone is interested to have a go. I started coloring it today. It will be a long process…

It’s Friday and all my unpleasant errands are done or cancelled and I am still alive. YAY! It was one hell of a week, but I handled it all well and I am very happy with myself. Yesterday afternoon we met a friend of mine for dinner. We went to a place called Dallas, an American-style diner with huge burgers and great steaks. I always take the same burger and it’s big and juicy and makes me incredibly satisfied (and just a bit guilty). That’s the thing with me: when I find a meal I like in a restaurant, I always eat that one. Sometimes I even decide to try something else, but when the moment comes to order, I order the same old… Afraid to get disappointed and stay hungry, I guess. LOL!

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