Ok… I wrote yesterdays post and somehow it did not get published, so I will have two posts today. That’s ok.

Anyway… I had a very frustrating day. I realized that I need to reorganize my Instagram accounts again because it did not feel right to post digital patterns to my old account. So, I opened a new one and will have to start the pattern challenge again. I suppose I will just publish some of them again, because I have already done one third of the challenge. Don’t know yet – I’ve had enough of brainstorming and activity for one day, I will sleep on it and see how I wake up tomorrow.

As promised, here’s the pattern I made for Spoonflower challenge:


It feels very personal to me because this is Lola, my little baby and the whole thing is inspired by my efforts to help our local Frenchie shelter. These beautiful dogs are very fashionable and very expensive. There are a lot or irresponsible breeders and lots of horrible people who pay fortunes for puppies just to get fed up with them and throw them out. Frenchies are a difficult breed to care for and they are not for everyone. It breaks my heart to see in what state some of them end up in the shelter and to realize what some people are capable of doing to an animal. It makes me wish to move away to another planet and not to share anything with people any more.

But, I have to stay here. The least I can do is to support our dog shelter, love my Lola and do an occasional Frenchie pattern. This one is called ‘Just Best for You’.

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