Happy Circles 50Happy Circles 20IMG_3654

This is what I did today. Actually I started the card two days ago, but only finished it this morning. It really took time. Also, I didn’t have time yesterday as we went searching for tiles for the driveway, which took us a couple hours and then there was work to do and so it went that yesterday I did not make a pattern. No big deal, I am telling myself that I will not create more stress by desperately trying to keep up when I cannot. Still…

Anyway… today I managed to finish this one and I really like the pattern. I also took Lola to the vet for a rabies shot. She was very nervous and shaking, poor baby, but all went well. Tomorrow we travel to Slovenia. I hope they will let us in and then out again… What weird thoughts…

So there will be a pause in pattern making for a couple days, because obviously I cannot take my computer with me, but I will definitely take the index cards and markers, so there will hopefully be some starting points for new patterns once I come back 🙂

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