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Did I really miss more than one month of blogging? It certainly did not feel that long. The main reason was Lola was sick. She’s got a bad case of gastritis caused most probably by multiple food intolerances. It was bad, stressful, sad and horrible. It sucked all my energy, ruined my sleep and wrecked my creativity. All I could do was watch her and wait for any sign that would tell me something was wrong again. Because I overthink and overworry and overpanick. It’s not only that the dog is unwell, but I add to the burden triple-fold by expecting and imagining bad things happening. Anyway…

I did some art and created some patterns, but I am so far behind in all my challenges. I realised I really don’t care. Because no matter how important art is for me, it is not the most important thing obviously. So, here are three patterns I made in last three days. There was more certainly, but now I lack the energy to search for photos. So some stuff will not get posted to this blog. It does not matter.

The weather has been terrible. It’s raining almost every day and we are dressed like in late autumn, all with socks and padded jackets and rain coats. Gloomy skies just add to my tiredness and lack of motivation. So yeah… it’s Sunday, it’s dark and raining, the day has just started and I wish I could go back to bed and wake up in some better time.

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