Happy New Year.

As usual, let’s start the year with a resolution. I feel that this year should be about the self-care and self-love and being very gentle with myself. I’ve been pushing myself too much, with giving to my family, trying to achieve something with my art business, trying to do the art challenges, learning new things, looking to accomplish more… and more… and to tell the truth: I am tired. I worry too much, I sleep badly, I stress about not making the challenges, not getting enough attention from my followers, not reaching my business goals, not writing my blog every day. I neglect myself by not resting enough, not meditating enough, not exercising enough, not pausing enough, not making art that has meaning to me.

So, this year I will try to make things better for myself and do less of what stresses me and more of what has deeper meaning and nourishes my soul. Starting with this blog, I am not going to post every day. I will try to do weekly posts and if I do not manage that, I will do monthly. Daily did not work for three years now, so I better let go of it.

I set myself monthly goals, but not for more than two months ahead. If I do not reach them, I will just move them to the next month. This month the goal is to transform this blog into a web site. Apparently it’s possible, I just need to learn how. Because, right now I am struggling with even simple image insertion in this new editor. Maybe the editor is not even new, just I did not come here for a very long time 🙂

Things have been ok last year. We did not get ill with the virus. We built the garden, which was a huge undertaking for me, both financially and emotionally. I advanced my skills with learning about pattern design. That was big too. I struggled with Lola’s health and it seems that I finally won there too: since November she is eating raw. I stopped all supplements and all carbs (grains, fruits, vegetables). Her last bad diarrhoea was in October. She is eating only raw meat and fish, raw organ meat and occasional bone. She is improving. I am calming down. Let’s hope that’s a win. So, 2020 is done and all is ok.

End of 2020 Mother got a moderately worrying health issue, so this year we are starting with worry about that. She will need a surgery, which involves general anaesthesia and she is extremely worried about that. I worry too. Many things could go wrong, but let’s hope they will not. So, that’s a big one to deal with in January too.

I enrolled in Life Book this year after three years of pause. I felt it’s time to get back to it and work thorough the self-care lessons I will find there. I am not expecting to do them all, just what inspires me. This time, I have an old book from my childhood that I will alter for Life Book. I am looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since I painted mixed media.

Last month of 2020 was dedicated to #carvedecember challenge and that one I did, all 31 days and I recorded a video of all of them. I quite enjoyed it and managed quite well time wise. I will try to post a video flip through here. I know it never worked before, but let’s see, maybe it changed 🙂

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