Oh, it’s already Monday! Two hard weeks behind me with two hard audits at work. But, it went ok and I am here and no audit until end of April, YAY! Hungary introduced even stronger covid restrictions until 22 March, with most shops closed. There are around 8-9 thousand people getting officially sick every day. We are still ok.

I do very little art these days, so nothing much to show except this pattern which I made for this week’s Spoonflower challenge:

The theme was cryptozoology and I tried again to turn something basically scary and ugly into cute. Don’t know how well I managed having it swimming in a cup, but anyway, seemed like a good idea.

I took a holiday on Friday and today is a public holiday, so I had four days to relax, which is basically what I did. I rested, walked, went to the market on Saturday as usual, did some little cleaning and some drawing and some game playing. It was helpful. I am worried and stressed about the situation, seeing how weather is improving and we are still locked and prevented from moving freely. Mother’s surgery is even not possible at the moment because all elective surgeries got suspended.

OK… Take a deep breath… and try to flow gently… Nothing else would make any sense at this moment…

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