It’s hard. I missed a post last week because I simply did not feel like sharing. I still don’t. But then I remind myself that I also do it for myself, to remember what I did and how it felt, so here we are.

I was busy at work. I did some art. I missed the last Spoonflower challenge and I will miss this week’s one too and probably the next one. Because it has little meaning these days. I feel lost and undeserving. I mostly just doodle. I do collage because it calms me down. I work on Life Book lesson one, little by little it takes shape.

Spring is here, we are locked down and it is not improving. Lola is having some paw infection probably fungus, I started adding immune boosters again. We don’t walk these days because her feet are painful, so we mostly just spend time in the garden, doing some little gardening and spring cleaning. It’s cold. I am grateful for the garden and sun and time off work for Easter. That’s all.

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