Again a busy week at work and fighting for time and light to do some art. I did manage to make a quick pattern for weekly Spoonflower challenge. Here’s video of it:

Nothing special, but I am glad I did it because I want to do as many of these challenges this year.

On Monday a fresh supply of stamping pads arrived:

And I swatched them using an old stamp. I don’t really like the stazon pads, but I am sure I will find a use for them. They are too dark somehow and stamps cannot be cleaned easily after stamping. I suppose it doesn’t matter much as it does not affect the stamp, but still bothers me.

I am working on my 100 day challenge. I am on print number 19 today. I skipped two days this week, but still managed to do a decent number and even carved some new stamps. Here are the prints:

The rest of my life this week was ok. Took car to service on Wednesday and Mother to hairdresser on Friday. Everybody was more or less healthy and well, so nothing to complain about. Today I even managed to update my ‘About’ page here on my website. And hallelujah, l managed to link it here. I find this WordPress app quite difficult to use, frankly speaking. It’s easier on the computer, but you cannot lie on the sofa and type on your computer, so yeah…

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