#carveDecember: Day 1 of 31

Stamp Carving

It’s December and it’s time for carving stamps for 31 days. It’s a challenge started by Julie Balzer from Balzer Designs where you carve rubber stamps during the month of December and display them using #carveDecember tag. I joined the fun last year and I was so excited about it that I invested into a new carving tool this year and was impatiently waiting to put it to daily use from today.

I’ve been obsessed with snowflakes lately, so the logical thing to do was to carve a snowflake:


There you go, the fist stamp for this December.

Otherwise, it’s been really cold last couple of days and I rarely went out. Today my gym pass starts to be valid, and I should move my butt and head for the gym, but that will not happen, as I feel tired and warm and peaceful, so no way… Tomorrow I have an appointment with a doctor for my annual blood test and driving license certificate. I have to get up early and get generally upset with driving, finding parking, meeting people, and similar nonsense (I am an introvert, remember), so I give myself leave to not move from home. Tomorrow afternoon I will go to the gym, I promise. And tonight, it’s baked pumpkin with nut butter and honey and Netflix. I do love my winter nights inside…

ICAD: Coloring my Stamp

ICAD, Mixed Media, Ornaments, Stamp Carving, video

Remember that stamp from yesterday? So I thought it might be a good idea to use it on one of the index cards. I colored it with Sakura Glaze Pens. I love how they have the finish reminding of a ceramic tile :). Pity I cannot buy them here… Unfortunately, I have some nice people from the US who are always happy to support with hard to get supplies 🙂

New Stamp with a New Tool

Ornaments, Stamp Carving

For a long time I was dreaming about this great carving tool. It’s a bit pricey, so I was hesitant. This month, when I got my salary, I told to myself: Dear me, as you were so good last month, you can have a little reward… So I ordered it. And I got it. And boy, am I happy I made this decision!

I carved a lot of stamps in the past and I was always annoyed how all cutters I had did not seam to actually cut the rubber, but rather push, bend and chew on it, so I could never get a straight line or carve any intricate design. This new thing is my dream come true. Look at what I was able to do:


The size of this stamp is 2×2 inches or 5×5 centimeters. Not so bad, huh?