#carveDecember: Day 19/31

Stamp Carving


Another little double-sided garbage stamp. It will make for a nice background.

I am back half-way. Was supposed to drive to Hungary, but it was too long, so I decided to stop in Slovenia and continue today. My cold worsened yesterday, and now I am starting to cough. The weather is bad: cloudy and cold and I saw a few snowflakes fly by. I hope it will not worsen, because driving in the snow is not fun.

#carveDecember: Day 18

Stamp Carving

This is another double-sided garbage stamp. And this is my last morning in Munich for this year. I will definitely come back in summer because there are so many things left to see.

Last night we went to this Brazilian grill place and I must say I was not all that thrilled. It was ok but nothing special, too much meat too much salt and very expensive. I am not sure if I would like to go again…

Now, packing awaits me. We will drop by to my friend’s place for breakfast and then leave. It’s a five hours drive back home…

#carveDecember: Day 17

Stamp Carving

I love this one! It’s another garbage stamp, really small but I  made it double-sided. One side is square frame and the other little flower. It makes really happy pattern with these inks, I think.

Our third day in Munich. Last night we met a friend of mine and went for a dinner in a classical German tavern where they brew their own beer and serve great local food.

This morning I woke up with sore throat again at 5 am. I managed to go back to sleep and when I finally woke at 7 I was ok. So we went out to have a breakfast and cake and coffee in the center and then met my friend and went to visit the Olympic complex from 1972 Olympic Games. The weather was good, even sunny and it was a pleasant walk. 

We are now back to  the hotel gathering energy to go out for dinner. We will digress from the local food a bit and go visit a Brazilian  restaurant. I have never been to a Brazilian restaurant before and I thought it might be fun. Let’s see.

#carveDecember: 16/31

Stamp Carving

This piece of rubber is defective – see the white lines on the print!? It got creases from the packaging foil which is really bad because these blocks are not cheap and if someone is looking to make a perfect print they may be disappointed. I am not though this is good enough for art journaling.

We are in Munich and it’s very cold. We spent most of the day in the city, looking around and entering shops to warm up a bit. It was exhausting but the city is nice. Look:

#carveDecember: Days 13-15

Stamp Carving

Here are three garbage stamps done over the last three days:

Garbage stamps are carved from little pieces of leftover rubber that would otherwise be tossed away. Most of time they make surprisingly nice patterns.

I made it to Munich! The drive took 5 hours and it was ok. Now I am lying in bed contemplating how to get up and go to the centre and find Christmas market and get some food and wine. I am getting hungry, so no point in delaying it further. My throat is much better but the nose is stuffed and my head heavy… I hope a short outing will not kill me…

#carveDecember: Days 11-12

Stamp Carving


Two more snowflakes, what else…

This week I am working from home for three days and then going on holiday and we are traveling to Munich to visit a friend (I hope it will be that way because Mother has got a cold, and it does not look good at the moment).

It was a nice warm day today, but I did not go out. I decided to have a juicing day to clean up my liver a bit because my cholesterol results last week could have been better. It’s been fine until now and at 7 pm I am allowed some cooked vegetables. Before that I will go quickly to the post office to pay electricity bill and send one more happy mail. I may drop by the Art shop too… 😉

#carveDecember: Days 7-10

Stamp Carving

It’s time for an update on stamp carving. Here are four new stamps:

This photo is horrible but that’s the best I could do without daylight and I didn’t see any until Thursday.

This photo was taken on Thursday when I stayed home thinking that I will take Mother to doctor. I did not, but I used the daylight for good purpose.

I really like this one. I made it yesterday.

And finally this quick one, so called garbage stamp because it’s carved from a leftover piece of rubber. It’s only 1.5 cm or 3/4 inch if I am not mistaken in conversion.

That’s it. We went to the food market and the post office (happy mail sent). We had breakfast and coffee in our usual place. As it was really warm I went out for a run and now I am contempleting cooking a quick dinner and going out to the central Christmas market to have some mulled wine and admire the lights. Hope your Saturday is being good to you 😉

#carveDecember: Days 5-6

Stamp Carving


I apologize for the quality of the photos… Since Monday I don’t see any daylight when at home, so this is the best I can do. On Monday I carved the snowflake – I wanted to practice carving circles, so I thought of a snowflake consisting of circles only. It was difficult, but it did not turn out so bad. Yesterday I had very little time, so I had to satisfy myself with a little garbage stamp, which I carved probably in less than five minutes. It still looks ok, I think.


Last night we went to a local Christmas market to admire decorations and drink some mulled wine. It was very cold, but we found a place next to a wood stove where they baked some pizza-like Hungarian specialty called kemences langos. Of course, we had a serving of that to go with our wine and enjoyed the warmth coming from the stove.

This morning I submitted my application for a new driving license, so one more worry is crossed out from my list and there are only two and a half days until Saturday. Tomorrow is a ‘mother’s doctor’ day and on Friday an ’embassy’ day. I am becoming progressively more relaxed and happy with myself as days go by. All will be good!

#carveDecember: Days 3-4

Stamp Carving


These are the stamps I did for days 3 and 4 of #carveDecember. Snowflakes again – I so much enjoy carving them.

The weekend was good: I did run both days and enjoyed time out in the sun, despite the cold. Today I got my lab results and apart from the chronic neutropenia that I already know about, there was nothing else special. So, I am pretty ok. This week is going to be very busy, with lots of work and additional errands, so I am bracing myself and counting days to Saturday. There will be very little time for art in the morning and little in the evening, but I hope I will manage a quick stamp every day and maybe some additional mandala doodling. Four and a half days left to go… Breathe…


#carveDecember: Day 2/31

Stamp Carving

Here is one more snowflake:


I also started another mandala yesterday and worked on it a bit today before heading out for an adventure 😉

Got up early, went to the doctor’s, they took my blood, I got my driving license certificate, so everything looks good. I am feeling exhausted though. The weather is funny, not so cold, but terribly windy. It was raining when we parked to go to the doctor’s office and even more rain when we got out. And then there was a lot of sunshine when we arrived back home. Typical.

So, no gym even today. I feel tired and with a bit of headache, like I am getting sick, so better not risk it. I am going to have a short rest before I make popcorn and install myself in front of TV to watch Netflix. Oh my… I hope I will be better tomorrow so I can go, you know where… 🙂