Book of Days: Week 42

Art Journal, Mixed Media

I’ve almost forgotten to write a post today! The day was all messed up by frost and fog preventing me to go for a run first thing in the morning (I went only during lunch break when the fog lifted). So the morning routine was not followed and it made a disturbance in broadcast 🙂


The aim of the lesson was to represent a healing animal in a tribal tatoo style. Effy opted for a bear, but it did not quite resonate with me. I looked on the internet and found this wolf thing. Not that I am much into wolves or tatoos, but it looked easy enough to draw. Ah, was I wrong…

The first difficulty I encountered was caused by my great idea to have a mirror image on the opposite page. How on earth did I think I could draw it to be the exact copy?! In addition, I have this problem when I try to copy an object with many lines that I mix up the lines and cannot figure out which exact line I am drawing… So that’s when the frustration started.

I cannot tell you how many times I had to erase and start again. Another problem was the busy background which made it even more difficult to track what I drew. I used a white pastel pencil, which thankfully could be just wiped out by fingers (that was a good decision). So, after several hours of sweating and almost giving up several times, all covered in pastel dust, I managed to nail it. And I am pretty happy with it. Lesson learned: use gel image transfer next time, lady!

Book of Days: Week 31

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

Week 31 of Book of Days finished:


I could have worked on the face for some time more, maybe it would look better, but I wanted to finish it today because I have other plans for this week. I quite like the look of her and maybe she deserves more attention… Well, I can always go back to her, maybe next week. I loved doing the leaves, it was so calming and meditative. The quote is missing – it was supposed to go to the left hand side over the leaves, but as I liked the leaves so much I did not feel like covering them. Maybe I will reconsider, because the quote was nice too.

Here’s a close-up:


There is a layer of clear gesso over the background and collage, hence the texture. While it looks interesting, I did not much enjoy doing the colored pencil and marker over it and I may decide to avoid it in future, or limit it to projects where no detailed work is required on top of it. Because no precision work is possible on top of it and because it destroys my markers :).

Letting go a bit…

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

I finished today this week’s lesson in Life Book 2016. I was quite anxious about it as we were supposed to let our child (imaginary in my case) paint along. So my grownup part did the nice painting and the kid was supposed to wreck it and then the grownup fix it and so on. Basically what felt uncomfortable was the fixing part… the kid in me being quite determined to have her way…

Anyway even though I don’t feel very strongly about the end product, here she is. Looking a bit pissed no wonder…


And yes, that’s the wrong side of paper, obviously… but in a journal one must accept it.