Book of Days: Week 42

I’ve almost forgotten to write a post today! The day was all messed up by frost and fog preventing me to go for a run first thing in the morning (I went only during lunch break when the fog lifted). So the morning routine was not followed and it made a disturbance in broadcast 🙂


The aim of the lesson was to represent a healing animal in a tribal tatoo style. Effy opted for a bear, but it did not quite resonate with me. I looked on the internet and found this wolf thing. Not that I am much into wolves or tatoos, but it looked easy enough to draw. Ah, was I wrong…

The first difficulty I encountered was caused by my great idea to have a mirror image on the opposite page. How on earth did I think I could draw it to be the exact copy?! In addition, I have this problem when I try to copy an object with many lines that I mix up the lines and cannot figure out which exact line I am drawing… So that’s when the frustration started.

I cannot tell you how many times I had to erase and start again. Another problem was the busy background which made it even more difficult to track what I drew. I used a white pastel pencil, which thankfully could be just wiped out by fingers (that was a good decision). So, after several hours of sweating and almost giving up several times, all covered in pastel dust, I managed to nail it. And I am pretty happy with it. Lesson learned: use gel image transfer next time, lady!

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