Mandala: 27 December


Finished coloring the mandala which I made using one of my stamps:


Sorry for the light… It did not want to be photographed under natural light: the whole piece had a blue tone, including paper, and I could not get rid of it. The artificial light actually helped in this case… Weird…

Anyway, if you would like to color this one, please go here and download it.

Mandala: 14 December


I finished coloring the mandala I drew two weeks ago.


I used mostly water-based markers. I did some details with gold gel pen and white acrylic ink (which could not stay white because of markers bleeding through, but I am fine with that).

Here is a detail:


I got the cold from Mother, so today I am nursing my sore throat with garlic, honey and tea. I feel sad and worried about how I will drive to Munich tomorrow. I hope I will feel better…

Mandala: 8 December

Mandala, Ornaments


Another mandala done. Today I stayed to work from home half a day, as I planned to go to the doctor with my mother. But, the doctor got sick and cancelled, so our errand is moved two weeks from now. I would be more glad if I could have got rid of that one today, but I am not complaining. It was nice to stay home, if only for being able to take some photos of my art in daylight. Not that we got much of it today, but still there is a difference!

One day to Saturday! There is only embassy visit left for tomorrow morning. Each December my mother needs to prove to the embassy that she is still alive in order to receive her pension money for next year. It includes going there, taking deposit slip for the bank, going to the bank, paying the fee, going back to the embassy to take the proof of life document and then going to the post office to post it to the pension authorities back home. We will leave the post office for Saturday, as I also have some happy mail to send and there is a post office close to the market where we buy food on Saturdays.

It looks like I am surviving this week. And I am so glad it’s almost over!

Mandala: 6 December



I am sitting at the car service, waiting for oil change. I was supposed to be here at 8.00 am, but was more than 45 minutes late, due to incredibly dense traffic. I got up at 5.20 am and got around half an hour of mandala coloring and doodling while drinking my coffee. The photo was made under the lamp, so the colors are not right at all. These days it’s impossible to make any decent photos, as I go from home before daylight and I come back at night. But at least they are authentic and you get a pretty good idea of the conditions…

So, four more days to Saturday. After I finish with the service, I am heading to work for a second day of audit. Step by slowly step I am putting the unpleasant things behind me. I can do it…

Mandala: 4 December

doodles, Mandala, Ornaments

This is the mandala I was working on for past several days. I finished it yesterday, but could take a photo only today.


I am very pleased with it. It was done in my Black Book with white Posca pen, black Edding marker, Luminance6901, Sakura gel pens, and Rotring Isograph with white acrylic ink.

Otherwise, it was a very good day yesterday – I did not go to the gym, but I did something even better – I went out for a run! The weather was great, sunny and not so cold, so around noon it was perfect for going out. In the morning I went to the market to buy food and had breakfast and coffee in my favorite cafe. In the afternoon we cooked dinner and watched Netflix, what else… And I did loads of art. Beautiful day. I hope to repeat it to a great extent today…

Mandala for Coloring: 29 November

doodles, Line Art, Mandala

It’s been ages since I did any line art intended for coloring. This is actually the very first mandala I drew using compass and ruler. Kind of predictably repetitive, but nice anyway. If anyone feels like coloring it, go ahead. I know I will… As a matter of fact, I may decide to draw a weekly mandala or other coloring page and make that a regular post, which was my original intention when I started the blog. Let’s see…

I watched Fantastic Beasts yesterday and it was surprisingly good, as was the popcorn and the whole movie experience, which I always  enjoy, no matter how the movie itself turn out to be…

The weather is still sunny, but really freezing, so no running this morning. My gym pass is valid from 1st December, so that will probably be my next exercise day. I hate winter 😦


Watercolor-Ink Doodles: 27 November

doodles, Mandala, Mixed Media, Ornaments, Watercolor

Today I am travelling back. My holiday is over and I am not so happy about that, of course. I think I could have stayed here forever and would not miss civilisation at all. No use thinking about what cannot be at this point in time, so back to reality.

Here are several doodles in watercolor and ink I did over the last several days:


It’s a beautiful sunny day here, and I hope that at least half of the way back will be nice and easy to drive. Back in the continent it will probably rain, but even rain is better than snow, right?

Flower Doodle Journal: 1-6

Art Journal, doodles

The other day I was browsing the moleskine offer in a bookshop and I saw this small watercolor album. It was, of course, the only one on offer. I don’t know why it is almost impossible to find any of the moleskine art journals in shops I visit. It’s such a rarity that I always buy all of them I see (I saw two in two years).

I was wondering what to do with it and then it occurred to me that it would be perfect for quick doodles, and flowers just came naturally. So, here are pages 1-6:


The paper is quite nice, I did not experience any problems, but to be honest I also did not wet it too much. It is, I think meant for quick sketches, and for that purpose it’s just fine. The first page was done with Ecoline, the rest with watercolor. I noticed that Ecoline dries darker, unlike watercolor, which was quite a surprise because it’s supposed to be liquid watercolor. I have several bottles, but haven’t used them much, so more experimenting is coming soon and this journal seems perfect for that. I just did not want to carry Ecoline to the seaside with me, watercolor was easier to pack.

The weather is not so good today, it was raining in the morning, but I managed to get out for a run and walk (I was too tired to run all the way). I found a nice spot to sit on a big rock in the middle of a clearing in a pine forest. I was sitting there and listening to the wind, watching the sea through the pine branches. Nature is amazing and life seems so simple when one is sitting on a rock and listening to the wind. I wish my holiday would last forever…


Watercolor-Ink Doodles: 21 November

doodles, Mixed Media, Watercolor

I am still on holiday and feeling much better. Today is a beautiful warm sunny day and I went for a run in the morning and then for a walk in the early afternoon. It’s so warm that I was able to go out in short sleeves! I feel that my body is relaxing after days of being cramped due to cold. I am simply not made for cold weather…

I’ve been spending my days mostly painting, reading and walking and evenings having dinners with neighbours and watching Netflix. I am enjoying every moment of it!

Today, I present you several pieces that I did over last two weeks, thinking that maybe I will use them to send to my Instagram friends (some of them already sent happy mail to me, so it’s kind of already overdue, but I thought it’s ok to ship it around Christmas, I am so lazy…). Anyway, they are very intuitive, just play with watercolor and then doodling around with pen, but I quite enjoy doing them and like how they turn out.