Flower Doodle Journal: 1-6

The other day I was browsing the moleskine offer in a bookshop and I saw this small watercolor album. It was, of course, the only one on offer. I don’t know why it is almost impossible to find any of the moleskine art journals in shops I visit. It’s such a rarity that I always buy all of them I see (I saw two in two years).

I was wondering what to do with it and then it occurred to me that it would be perfect for quick doodles, and flowers just came naturally. So, here are pages 1-6:


The paper is quite nice, I did not experience any problems, but to be honest I also did not wet it too much. It is, I think meant for quick sketches, and for that purpose it’s just fine. The first page was done with Ecoline, the rest with watercolor. I noticed that Ecoline dries darker, unlike watercolor, which was quite a surprise because it’s supposed to be liquid watercolor. I have several bottles, but haven’t used them much, so more experimenting is coming soon and this journal seems perfect for that. I just did not want to carry Ecoline to the seaside with me, watercolor was easier to pack.

The weather is not so good today, it was raining in the morning, but I managed to get out for a run and walk (I was too tired to run all the way). I found a nice spot to sit on a big rock in the middle of a clearing in a pine forest. I was sitting there and listening to the wind, watching the sea through the pine branches. Nature is amazing and life seems so simple when one is sitting on a rock and listening to the wind. I wish my holiday would last forever…


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